Driving license balance: how to know the number of points?

Verified 21 November 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

On the Internet

The online service My Points Allowed allows you to view the number of points that you have on your driving license.

Driving license: check points and statements

By mail

In case of infringement, you receive a mail indicating the number of lost points and your balance.

If you have lost some of your points

You receive a single letter (letter 48).

If you have a probationary permit and commit an offense that results in removal of at least 3 points, you are notified by registered letter with AR: titleContent.


In the event of an infringement established by radar or video verbalization, the letter is sent to the address indicated on the registration certificate carte grise (or) of the vehicle. Address needs to be updated within 1 month in case of removal.

If you have recovered points

You receive a single letter.

You reclaim points in the following 2 cases:

  • You have not committed any infringement punishable by a withdrawal of points during the reallocation period
  • You followed a road safety awareness course which enabled you to reclaim points

If you've lost all your points

You receive a registered letter with AR: titleContent (letter 48 SI).

Your driving license is no longer valid.

You must return your permit to your prefecture in the 10 free days upon receipt of the letter.

Who shall I contact
Letter 48SI informing of the loss of all points of the driving license
Crédits : Ministry of the Interior

Driving license: letter 48 SI

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