Who can have information about your driving license (points, validity...)?

Verified 21 November 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Some authorities and individually designated and empowered persons may know the point balance of your driving license via access to the NCPS: titleContent.

These include:

  • Central Administration Officer under the authority of the Minister of the Interior, responsible for recording information on driving licenses
  • Agent the National Agency for Securities (ANTS)
  • Judicial authority
  • Administrative Magistrate for the hearing of appeals against decisions to withdraw points from the driving license
  • Judicial Police Officer under the the execution of a court order or a flagrancy investigation
  • Prefect
  • Agent placed under the authority of the prefect, responsible for registration on the license and the driving license regulations
  • Official of policy national and military gendarme national, for roadside checks
  • Agent specially authorized to carry out statistical studies on road accidents
  • Officer under the authority of the Minister responsible for transportation, for the road transport control


You yourself have access to the balance of your points via the online service My points allowed. You can also request a full information statement (RII) from your prefecture.

Limited access to the driving license file (SNPC)

Some authorities and individually designated and empowered persons have access to the information of the NCPS: titleContent concerning the existence, category and validity of your license.

These are the following authorities and individuals:

  • Judicial Police Officer, or a judicial police officer in connection with a preliminary investigation
  • Deputy judicial police officer and country guard for the identification of the perpetrators of certain infringements to the highway code
  • Agent of an organization responsible for driver card associated with the electronic tachograph or the driver qualification card of certain road vehicles
  • Agent of a public road transport company, for persons employed as drivers
  • Authority of a European Union countries for the authentication of the driving licensein accordance with the international agreements in force

On request addressed to the Prefect

The following persons and authorities, in the context of their missions, may ask the prefect if you have a license, if it is valid, and what categories you have:

  • Civil or military administration, for persons employed as drivers and for applicants for the employment of driver
  • insurance company, for their policyholders having subscribed to a motor insurance contract


You yourself have access to information on the validity and categories of your driving license (restricted information record) via the My Points Allowed online service. Your lawyer also has access to this information, upon request to the prefect.

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