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Road inspection: what penalties for driving without a licence?

Verified 20 août 2021 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

If you are checked and cannot present your driving licence, the consequences are different if you have the driver's licence or if you do not have one.

You have a permit

If you have the permit but cannot present it immediately, you may be fined up to €38.

In general, this is a flat-rate fine of €11.

You must present your driving licence in a 5 days to a police station or gendarmerie.

Who shall I contact

If you do not, you risk a fine of up to €750.

In both cases, there is no point withdrawal.

You don't have the licence

If you drive when you don't have a driver's licence, it's offence.

The same applies if you drive a vehicle for which you do not have a licence.

Example :

  • You drive a high-powered motorcycle when you only have a B licence
  • You are driving while your licence has been withdrawn after a blood alcohol conviction

This offence is punishable by one year's imprisonment and €15 000 fine.

The additional penalties The following are also planned:

One procedure flat fine may be used for this offence if the following 3 conditions are met :

  • You commit this offence for 1mother time
  • You are major
  • If you have committed several offences, they are all punishable by a flat fine

In this case, after the vehicle has been intercepted, the police can declare the offence by electronic record (PVe).

You will receive a notice of violation, a notice of how to pay the lump sum fine and an exemption request form.

If these conditions are not met, a report shall be drawn up and sent to public prosecutor. He decides on the continuation of the judicial procedure.

In any case, your vehicle can be locked.

The flat fine is reduced or increased depending on the time limit within which payment is made.

The time limit shall run from the date on which the notice of infringement or the increased flat-rate fine is sent.

Amount to be paid according to the deadline and the method of payment

Payment time based on payment method

Flat fine

Amount payable

Check or cash

Telepayment (Internet or telephone)

or dematerialised stamp

15 days

30 days



45 days

60 days



Beyond 45 days

Beyond 60 days



If you do not pay the lump sum fine in 45 days (60 days in case of payment by telemetry), you receive a notice to pay the increased amount of the fine.

You must pay the increased fine within 30 days following the sending of the notice (within 45 days in case of payment by telemetry).

However, if you pay the increased fine within 30 days, its amount less 20%.

At the end of the period allowed to pay the increased fine, the Treasury initiated legal proceedings to obtain its payment.

The Treasury Accountant shall inform the public prosecutor its approach.

If you have trouble paying a standard fine increased, you can request a payment delay or graceful discount.

You must send your request to public accounts.

Your request must be motivated : explain why you need time to pay or a discount.

If he or she considers the request to be justified, the Public Treasury Accountant may grant you payment period, or graceful discountpartial or total (if necessary by applying a 20 % reduction).

By telemarketing

If the teleshopping reference is on the payment card, you can pay the fine remotely.

Remote payment can be made via Internet or by phonee.

Pay your fine online via

Ministry of Finance

Who shall I contact
  • Voice server for the fines teleshopping service


    0811 10 10 10

    24 hours a day.

    Purple or enhanced number: the cost of a call to a landline number + service paid, from a landline or mobile phone.

    To see the price list, listen to the message at the beginning of the call.

By mail

You can pay the fine by check made payable to the Treasury (or the Public Finance Branch, as indicated on the payment card).

It must be accompanied by payment card.

On site

You can pay the fine at a public finance centre.

Payment can be in cash or by credit card.

Cash payment is limited to €300.

You cannot contest a flat-rate increased fine (complaint procedure) if you have requested a payment period or a graceful discount.


You must meet the following deadlines to contest the fine:

  • Fine lump : 45 days from the date of the notice of infringement
  • Fine increased : 30 days from the sending of the notice of increased flat-rate fine.

Application (flat-rate fine) or claim (increased flat-rate fine)


The protest can be held directly on the website of theANTAI.

Please refer to the Notice of Flat Penalty or Flat Penalty plus for the procedure to follow.

Flat fine notice: online protest

Ministry of the Interior

Use to challenge a flat-rate or increased flat-rate fine online or to designate another person.

Attention: you can no longer contest whether you paid the fine. Indeed, paying the fine means that you acknowledge having committed an offence.

By mail

You must complete the form attached to the notice you received:

  • Query Form exemption from fine lump
  • Claim Form in case of fine increased

The form explains how to complete it and what supporting documents are to be attached based on the reason for your protest.

Send these documents by letter RAR the service for handling criminal fines (AFD). His address is on the notice.

Payment of a deposit

You must pay logging if you dispute the reality of the offence:

  • €800 for standard fine
  • €1,600 for an increased flat-rate fine

The procedure for paying the deposit is the same as for paying the fine, but use the consignment card attached to the protest form, not the payment card.

However, you have no deposit payable if you can produce any of the following documents:

  • Copy of your valid driving licence
  • Copy of the receipt of the complaint for the crime of identity theft

Dispute handling

The Offensive Flat Fines Processing Service (AFD) can handle your dispute as follows.

Répondez aux questions successives et les réponses s’afficheront automatiquement

If no deposit is payable

The AFD Processing Service can make one of the following 2 decisions:

  • Abandon all prosecution and dismiss the offence.
  • Refuse your protest. You must then pay the fine or regularise your application.

In both cases, you are informed by mail of the decision.

If a deposit is due

The AFD Processing Service can make one of the following 2 decisions:

  • Declare your protest inadmissible
    This is the case if your request is not substantiated or if it was not made with the form attached to the notice.
    Your deposit amounts to having paid the fine.
  • Forward Procedure to public prosecutor the court of your home.
    The prosecutor can drop you or sue you in front of the correctional court.

In both cases, you will be informed by mail of the decision and the remedies available to you.

You use a false or forged licence

If you use false licence or forged licence, you risk a 5-year prison sentence and a fine of €75,000.

You may also additional penalties following:

  • Confiscation vehicle
  • Penalty work of general interest
  • Penalty fine days
  • Prohibition of driving certain vehicles for up to 5 years
  • Obligation to perform, at your own expense, a road safety awareness training
  • Withdrawal of civil, civil and family rights. This withdrawal shall lead in particular to ineligibility.
  • Prohibition of territory for foreigners including European Union, or up to 10 years.