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How do I get a driver's licence when I have a disability?

Verified 27 December 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

HGV licences: adaptation of practical tests in the event of disability

Published on 27 December 2022

Practical driving licence tests shall be adapted to take account of any mobility and communication difficulties encountered by applicants.

The terms and beneficiaries of these adaptations are specified for HGV licences (categories BE, C1, C1E, C, CE, D1, D1E, D and DE).

That's what it says the order of 13 December 2022.

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You have disability and you pass driver's licence ? It's possible if you are qualified by registered physician during a medical check-up. The tests of the examination of the permit arranged depending on your disability: physical (reduced mobility), auditory (deaf or hard of hearing), dys disorders..

You must complete 2 to register for the driving test:

Contact local driving licence examination department : interdepartmental directorate (office of road education) or prefecture.

This service tells you facilities that you need to learn how to drive and the self-schools that teach courses with these amenities.

You can also ask for dates of specialised sessions to present yourself at the permit tests.

Who shall I contact

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If you are deaf or hard of hearing

Of specialised sessions are planned at least 2 times a year to pass the driving test.

One sign language interpreter can assist you.

You can also benefit from adapted communication device of your choice.

The theoretical test (code) hard 1:30.

Additional time may be allowed during practical test in case of communication difficulties.

If you have a physical disability (reduced mobility)

On practical test, you can be assisted by an expert or an accompanying person.

The inspector may suggest that you begin the examination with the outside questions and technical checks.

One overtime may be granted in case of mobility difficulties.

If dual control vehicle suitable for disabled people is used, it must meet the following conditions:

  • Have been in circulation for up to 10 years, except
  • Have specific equipment: double-brake control, additional rear-view mirrors outside and inside if the vehicle permits, dual steering (steering)

If you are dysphasic, dyslexic or dyspraxic

You can pass code in specific sessions provided that one of the 3 supporting documents following:

  • Recognition of the quality of the disabled worker (RQTH) or recognition of disability obtained from the departmental house of disabled persons (MDPH) and a diagnosis of dyslexia and/or dysphasia and/or dyspraxia
  • Recognition of adjustments to national educational tests for learning disabilities of written, oral and/or written language and/or the acquisition of coordination
  • Medical certificate issued for less than 6 months attesting to a specific disorder of the language and/or the reading and/or the acquisition of the coordination and requiring an adjustment of the conditions of passage of the general theoretical test

If you are in another situation

Ask the local driving licence examination department : interdepartmental directorate (office of road education) or prefecture.

Who shall I contact


if you have a poor command of french, you can use a translator-interpreter approved by an appeal court, at your own expense. Specify in your driving licence application that you are not fluent in French.

Theoretical Test (Code)

The code passage is free if you complete the 2 following:

  • You have a medical opinion on your driving ability given your disability
  • You are required to make periodic medical visits after obtaining the permit

In other cases, you have to pay €30.

The self-school can charge an accompanying fee to the theoretical test of the code.


The rates are free and vary by car school.

The disability compensation (PCH) can partially fund driving lessons.

If the driving licence is required for your professional project you can request financial assistance from: Agefiph: titleContent, Fund for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities in the Public Service (FIPHFP) or CDAPH: titleContent in your department.

You can also enquire at your departmental home for disabled people (DDPH).

Who shall I contact

The permit is issued on favourable medical opinion.

The doctor prescribes period of validity depending on the disability.

  • If the disability is not stabilised, the period of validity of the permit shall be limited.
    You need to pass one again medical visit at the end of this period.
  • If the disability is stabilised, the period of validity of the permit may be permanent.

Please note

any facilities that allow you to drive are indicated as codes on your driving licence.

Persons with disabilities: find a suitable car school

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