What aid is available to finance the driving license?

Verified 01 January 2024 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Financial aid for preparing the driving license

Published on 1 January 2024

A single site listing all the financial support for preparing the driving license must be created.

That is one of the provisions of the law of 21 june 2023 on facilitating the passing and obtaining of the driving license examination

A decree must specify the implementation of this measure.

The information on this page remains current and will be amended as soon as the decree is published.

Permit at 1 euro per day

The 1 euro per day license consists of one zero-interest loan.

What are the conditions?

  • Be between 15 and 25 years of age on the date of signature of the training contract, including where the contract takes the form of a agreeable.
  • Prepare license B or license A2 or license A1. The formation of the B license can be done in advance driving or supervised.
  • Use loan for 1re enrollment in driving license training (initial training).
    If you fail the practical test of the license, you can use the loan to finance additional training before taking the practical test again.

How do I apply?

You must speak to a driving school that has the quality label or an equivalence, and that has signed a standard convention with the State.

After signing the training contract, you can apply for the loan from a partner financial institution (your legal representatives do the walk if you are a minor).

The financial institution may require a person surety or a co-borrower (this means you are borrowing with another person).

Once the loan has been granted, and after the standard withdrawal period, the amount of the loan shall be paid to the driving school.

How much is the loan?

  • Initial training: €600, €800, €1000 or €1,200, at your choice 
  • Additional training in the event of failure of the practical test: €300

The amount of the loan must not exceed the amount entered in the training contract.

You repay the loan in monthly installments of €30 maximum.

You can take advantage of the loan only once.


the mechanism of the permit of 1 euro per day can be accumulated with personal training account (PTA).

Youth Relief Fund (YAF)

The Youth Relief Fund is a department-wide grant for youth with financial difficulties.

You have to go to your local mission.

Who shall I contact

Driver's license grant

Some municipalities help you finance your driver's license training in exchange for a community-oriented activity.

Ask your local authority for more information.

Who shall I contact

National Universal Service (SNU)

As a volunteer of the national universal service (SNU), you have the free code preparation and the refund of 1re code presentation (ETG: titleContent).

What are the conditions?

How do I apply?

You must submit an application to the Apprenticeship Training Center (ATC) where you are registered.

The file includes the following documents:

  • Aid application form completed and signed
  • Double-sided copy of your valid national identity card, passport or residence permit
  • Copy of a quote or driving school invoice less than one year old
  • RIB: titleContent if you are applying for the assistance to be paid into your account

What is the amount of the aid?

The amount of aid shall be fixed at €500.

You can only benefit once.

As part of your job search, you can benefit, under certain conditions, from a help from Pôle emploi to finance your driver's license training (B license).

The aid may not exceed €1,200.

Ask your Pôle emploi agency for more information.

Who shall I contact

To obtain assistance with the financing of the driving license, inquire at your departmental home for disabled people (MDPH).

Who shall I contact

If you need a driving license for your professional project, you can ask for financial assistance from theAgefiph: titleContent.

Who shall I contact

You can also contact the Public Service Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities (FIPHFP).

You can use your personal training account (PTA) to finance the preparation of theoretical and practical tests for all categories of driving licenses.

You can consult your CPF online:

My Training Account


this device may be combined with others, in particular the one euro per day permit for young people.

The aid is intended for persons involved in the operational reserve of the national police or in the armies.

A contribution to the financing of the driving license B may be granted if you meet all of the following conditions:

  • You signed a contract of employment before the age of 25
  • You've never held a B driver's license
  • You have completed at least 50 days of activity on the reserve
  • You are more than 2 years away from the end of your engagement contract
  • You have proof of enrollment in a driving school

The amount of the participation is €1,000.

The personal microcredit is intended for people who cannot obtain traditional bank credit due to low income and/or social insecurity.

Microcredit can be used to finance driving license training.

To apply for microcredit, you must contact a social support network.

Who shall I contact

Some local authorities (city, county, region) offer assistance to finance the driving license.

Check with the community where you live.

Who shall I contact

Who can help me?

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