Driving license: supervised driving from 18 years of age

Verified 01 March 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

What is the supervised driving ? Who is she talking to? What are the conditions to start supervised driving? Who can be companion ? What speed limits  ? We'll show you the rules to know on the supervised driving.

The supervised driving is to be distinguished from the other 2 driving formulas accompanied : Early Learning to Drive (AAFC) and framed driving.

The supervised driving concerns you if you have 18 years or older and that you prepare for the review of the permit B.

She completes initial training of driving school by a driving experience with a relative (escort).

You can choose supervised driving upon signature of the contract with the auto school or at any time during the training.

You must complete all conditions following:

  • Have 18 years or older
  • Pass the code (general theoretical test or ETG) or hold a class of license for up to 5 years
  • Have followed the practical training in driving school
  • To have obtained the certificate of completion of initial training (AFFI)
  • Have the agreement of your car insurance for driving the vehicle(s) used during supervised driving. The AFFI must be forwarded to your insurance company. One extension of warranty may be necessary.
  • Participate in a date of Minimum 2 hours as a driving sequence, with a driving instructor and at least one accompanying person. One guide on the accompanied driving shall be given to the accompanying person.

Please note

You must also meet the requirements for passing the B-permit.

You can drive a light vehicle (PTAC: titleContent not exceeding 3,5 tons) of category B.

The vehicle used may be at manual gearbox or automatic.

Your escort may be a member of your family or a friend.

You can have one or more accompanying persons.

Each accompanying person must complete the 3 conditions following:

  • Have the B license for 5 years or more
  • Have the agreement of his car insurance for driving the vehicle(s) used during accompanied driving. One extension of warranty may be necessary.
  • Ne not having had cancelation period or invalidation of the permit within Previous 5 years

You must respect the rules following:

  • Driving with your companion. It must be seated at the front from the vehicle next to you.
  • Drive in France. Movement abroad is prohibited.
  • Driving on the road network and motorway at different times in the day and the night and by various weather conditions
  • Respect specific speed limits

Please note

Supervised driving does not require nor minimum duration, nor minimum distance to be traveled.

For identify the vehicle as learning vehicle, you must place a distinguishing sign self-adhesive or magnetized at the rear left (and on the trailer if necessary).

In supervised driving, the subsequent documents the following shall be presented at a roadside check by the police:

Supervised driving ends when you are ready to go (or to iron) the practical test of the B-permit.

Please note

If successful, supervised driving does not reduce the probationary period of the driving license.

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