License plate theft

Verified 24 February 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

If you notice that one or both of your license plates have been stolen (i.e., one or two plates have been removed from your vehicle), you must file a complaint very quickly. You must then redo the stolen plate(s). You must attach the new plate(s) to your vehicle.

In France

As soon as you notice in France the theft of one or your 2 license plates, you must complain at the police station or the gendarmerie.


You must report the flight upon your return to France in complaining at the police station or the gendarmerie.

You can file a pre-complaint online. You will be summoned very quickly by the police or gendarmerie to be heard on the facts and to sign your complaint.

Online Pre-Complaint

Carte grise Once you have filed a complaint, you must have the license plate(s) with the registration number shown on your file redone with a professional.

You must then attach it or attach it to your vehicle.


plate theft is not considered to be usurpation of the registration number. If your license plates are stolen, you don't get a new vehicle registration number.

If you drive a vehicle without license plates, you can be fined up to €750.