Vehicle license plate spoofing

Verified 28 January 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Carte grise If you are a victim of license plate theft, you can request a new one with a new license plate number.

License plate spoofing, also known as doublet, is a crime. It consists in reproducing the plates of another vehicle to escape the contraventions, in particular of automatic radars.

The use of false registration plates is punishable by:

  • A 7-year prison sentence
  • A fine of €30,000
  • A 6-point withdrawal on the driving license
  • A driving license suspension of not more than 3 years
  • The total cancelation of the driving license (with a ban on ironing it for up to 3 years)
  • Confiscation of the vehicle

If you get a ticket or tickets that are traffic offenses that you didn't commit, you're probably a victim of license plate theft.

You have to file a complaint very quickly and challenge the fine. Carte grise You can also request a new registration number and a new one.

You must complain for theft of license plates from the police station or the gendarmerie brigade near you.

Who shall I contact
Who shall I contact

You have to file a complaint against X for usurping your license plate.

You will be given a receipt for filing a complaint. It will allow you to challenge the minutes (minutes) received.

You can file a pre-complaint online. You will be summoned very quickly by the police or gendarmerie to be heard on the facts and to sign your complaint.

Online Pre-Complaint

When you file a complaint, your vehicle's registration number is recorded in the Stolen Vehicles Register (VFR).

If you file a complaint about an offense detected by automatic radar, you must attach the photo of that offense to the file.

Request Auto Radar Photo

If the violation (speeding, red light burned) was detected by radar, you must request the flash photo and provide it at the time of filing your complaint.

You must attach a copy of the following documents to your photo request:

  • Carte grise
  • ID
  • Notice of contravention

Where to ask for the photo?

You must request the photo from the Automated Traffic Offense Reporting Center (CACIR).

How do I request the photo?

By post (single letter)

You must attach a copy of the following 3 documents to your application:

  • Carte grise vehicle
  • Your ID
  • Notice of contravention
Who shall I contact

If you challenge the fine, you don't have to pay it. If you pay it, it's an admission that you've committed the offense.

You must challenge the monetary penalty within 45 days of receiving the notice of contravention (30 days in the case of an increased penalty).

Online protest

You can challenge the ticket online on the website of the National Automated Crime Processing Agency (Antai).

You must use the online form and attach a copy of your complaint receipt.

Lump sum penalty notice: online challenge

Mail Challenge

You can also contest by returning the exemption request form attached to your ticket, by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt.

You must attach a copy of your complaint receipt.

You must send your mail to the address indicated on your notice of contravention.


attach to your complaint all the proof that you were not at the place of the offense (train or plane tickets, toll tickets, purchase invoices, hotel invoice, employer attestation, testimonials...).

Carte grise When your identity theft complaint is registered, you can request a new one. Carte grise This will include a new registration number.

The application is made online on the website of the National Agency for Secure Securities (ANTS).

You must use your ANTS account or use France Connect.

It is best to specify your application (main application, surname, first name, date of birth, any information you deem necessary).

Carte grise Require a license plate spoofing

Carte grise You must certify on the honor that the applicant of the vehicle has a certificate of insurance of the vehicle and a driving license corresponding to the category of vehicle registered.

You do not have to attach a digital copy (photo or scan) of the driver's license. However, this may be requested when your file is being examined.

Of numeric dots (with computers, printers and scanners) are available in each prefecture and in most sub-prefectures. You can do the walk there. You can be assisted by digital mediators if you have difficulties using the Internet.

You can also be accompanied in your approach by a France Services house :

Who shall I contact


carte grise it is now no longer possible to request a referral from the prefecture or sub-prefecture.

You must have a digital copy (photo or scan) of the complaint receipt.

If you're doing it for someone else, you need to have a digital copy of the mandate signed and of identity document.

At the end of the procedure, you get the following 3 items:

  • File Number
  • Acknowledgement of registration of your application
  • Provisional Certificate of Registration (PIC), which you must print. The CPI allows you to circulate for 1 month, only in France, carte grise while waiting to receive your

Carte grise You will be given the definitive secure fold at your home in a period which may vary.

You can follow the progress of its manufacture on the Internet:

Carte grise Follow your request to

The filing of a complaint is free of charge.

Carte grise In the case of plate spoofing, the issuance of a new license plate number and a new transit number is also free of charge, as long as you present a receipt of the complaint. Carte grise But you will have to pay a shipping fee of €2.76. There is no transport charge if it is a moped. The regulation must obligatory be made by credit card.

Please note

you will also need to have your new license plates completed and secured to your vehicle. The costs remain at your expense.