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Telephone, internet or television: conclusion of contract

Verified 21 September 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

To enter into a contract for a telephone, Internet or television subscription, you must be an adult. Your operator or supplier must provide you with certain mandatory information. It cannot impose an unlimited contract term on you. A security deposit may be required. If you have a disability, you must benefit from adapted services and products. In the event of a dispute, you may refer the matter to the Ombudsman for Electronic Communications.

You must be at least 18 years old to sign an Internet, telephone or television subscription.

However, you can sign a contract for your minor child (for example, for a mobile phone). You will be recognized as a subscriber and your child will be a simple user. You will be responsible for this contract as if it were your own phone (for example, in case of overrun).

Before the conclusion of the contract

The operator or supplier must inform you of the following:

  • Conditions of supply of its services (sending of invoices, duration of the package, after-sales service...)
  • Minimum duration of the contract, if any
  • Conditions for renewal of the contract
  • Quality of service conditions (connection speed...)
  • Conditions for the protection of your personal data and right to access and request to correct your personal information provided at the time of signing the contract
  • Delivery times and maintenance services offered
  • Tenders and services offered
  • Existing compensation and reimbursement conditions
  • Remedies in case of dispute

This information is generally detailed in the general terms and conditions of sale or service, and in the standardized information sheets available on the website of the operator or supplier. They must also be accessible at the point of sale.

If you are taking a remote subscription (example: via internet), the professional must provide additional information..

In contract

Your contract must contain at least the following information:

  • Identity and address of your operator or supplier
  • Services offered, quality level (speed of connection...) and time required for their commissioning
  • Details of the rates charged (including cancelation and maintenance costs) and the means of obtaining the updated rates
  • Means of payment proposed for the service and their conditions
  • Financial compensation and reimbursement formulas provided if the quality of service is deficient
  • Duration of contract and terms of renewal
  • Ability to enter the electronic communications ombudsman or departmental population protection services in case of dispute
  • Operator or supplier procedures for routing traffic and avoiding network line saturation
  • After-sales services provided and means of contacting these services
  • Restrictions on access to and use of services and equipment provided
  • Possibility of appearing or not in a telephone directory
  • Possibility to register for free on the telephone walkout opposition list (Bloctel)

This information must be provided to you in a clear, accurate and understandable manner.

Once you have agreed, your commitment begins.


The operator or supplier must obtain your agreement for the contract. If an option is offered to you free of charge over a given period, the professional must collect at the end of the free period, your agreement before charging you for this option.

Your agreement can be done by your handwritten signature or electronically if the contract is concluded on the Internet.

If you have concluded your contract on the Internet or following a door-to-door canvassing, you benefit from 14 calendar days to renounce: it is the right of withdrawal.. If you have concluded your contract in a shop, you cannot renounce it.

Contract Delivery

Your contract must be made in 2 copies, 1 of which must be delivered to you by hand or by any durable support (e.g. by e-mail).

You must keep this original copy. It will be useful in case of litigation.

Security deposit

Upon conclusion of the contract, a security deposit may be required. This must be provided for in the general conditions of sale or service.

This deposit is a sum of money that you must pay in exchange for the supply of material (box, decoder...).

The operator or the supplier may not impose on you a commitment period of more than 24 months (2 years).

If he offers you a commitment exceeding 12 months (1 year), he must at the same time offer you the same offer for a minimum period of 12 months under the same commercial conditions. It should also offer you the possibility of terminate your contract after 12 months, subject to certain conditions if you choose a 24-month offer.

If the contract is concluded without a commitment of duration, it is cancellable at any time. Operator or supplier has 10 free days from the date of request for termination to terminate the contract. Termination fees may be included in the contract.

Your contract, your invoices and the documentation on the products and services offered must be presented to you by means or on media adapted to your disability (for example, on an audio medium, if you are blind).

You must be able to have partial or full access to the services of the operator or supplier equivalent to those it provides to other users.

The operator or supplier must also put in place a sign indicating the terminals and services best suited to each category of disability.

Where the contract provides for the provision of terminal equipment, the operator must make available the terminal available on the market adapted to your disability.

In case of a dispute concerning the execution of your contract, you can enter the electronic communications ombudsman or departmental population protection services..