Can a private sector employee take time off to prepare for and take an exam?

Verified 22 May 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Yes, the employer may grant, under the Job Transition Project (known as TPP), a training leave which may be used to take an examination. 

This training leave shall:

  • Enables the follow-up of a certifying training
  • May involve passing an exam to validate skills and knowledge related to this training.

This training leave may be taken over by a regional commission (formerly Fongecif, now called Transitions Pro association).

The practices associated with this examination leave may vary from one commission to another.

It is possible to get closer to her to find out the modalities applied in the region.

Please note

The driver's license examination may also be funded by the personal training accountand be subject to leave of absence from your employer, under certain conditions.

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