Act of Sale of Isolated Land

Verified 11 August 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

A bill of sale is signed as soon as all the conditions for the realization of the sale of a land are met. This act must be performed at a notary's. It must contain certain mandatory information.

The bill of sale shall contain the following information:

  • Seller and Buyer Contact Information
  • Detailed description of the land and its exact surface
  • Existence or non-existence of bounding of the land
  • Existence or not of mortgage and bondage on the ground
  • Amount of the fees of the seller or supplier and persons liable to pay such fees
  • Sales prices and payment methods (with or without the help of a mortgage)
Documents annexed to the bill of sale

The bill of sale must be signed by the buyer, the seller and the notary.

The seller and the buyer can choose the same notary. They can also each have their notary.

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The notary who wrote the deed keeps an original called the minute. He shall give the buyer a copy constituting his title. The buyer must keep it.

The selling price (deducted or not from the capital allowance if it has been paid in the event of a promise to sell) must be paid on signature of the bill of sale.

The costs of notarial acts shall be borne by the buyer, unless the seller and the buyer decide otherwise.

These fees consist of:

  • Fees and taxes collected by the notary and remitted to the public treasury (registration fee, land advertising tax or value added tax)
  • Remuneration of the notary (drafting of the bill of sale, consultations, expertise...)
  • Costs incurred on behalf of the seller and the buyer (e.g. cadastre extract)

The amount of the notarized fees remains the same when the seller and the buyer each have their notary. The costs are then shared between the two notaries.

It is possible to estimate the amount of these fees using a simulator.

Calculate the amount of the costs of acquiring a property

So that the sale is enforceable to third parties, the notary must ensure the land advertising by publishing the deed of sale in the real estate file of the land advertising service on which the land depends.

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In Alsace-Moselle, the deed is published in the Land Book.

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