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Return-to-Work Assistance Allowance Training (Aref)

Verified 01 juillet 2021 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

If you are taking a Pôle emploi-approved course, you can benefit from the Return to Work Training (Aref) during this course.

You can collect the Return to Work Training (Aref) if you meet the following 3 conditions:

  FYI : if you do not (or no longer) touch the ARE on the day of registration in training, you may, under certain conditions, remuneration for Pôle emploi training (RFPE).

The gross amount of the Aref is equal to the gross amount of the ARE you collect.

However, the contributions levied on the gross amounts of the Aref and the ARE are not the same.

The Aref is exempt from generalised social contribution (GSA) and contribution to the repayment of social debt (SDRC). Only the participation for financing the supplementary retirement is taken from the amount of the Aref.

The net amount of the Aref cannot be less than €21.17 per day.

Like the ARE, the Aref is taxable.

The Aref is paid monthly, due (for example, early November for the October allocation).

The duration of payment of the Aref cannot exceed the duration of the rights remaining to the ARE.

If the duration of your training is longer than the duration of your ARE rights, you may benefit from training completion pay (R2F).

If you do not qualify for R2F, you can continue the training to completion by maintaining the status of an unpaid vocational trainee.