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What are the rules for fencing?

Verified 13 November 2019 - Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister), Ministry of Planning

Fences are used to enclose land belonging to homeowners.

These can include wooden fences, vegetable hedges, fences, walls, electric fences.

If the installation of a viewport does not always require authorization, other rules must be followed.

Fences are also used to enclose grazing land, prevent the incursion of harmful animals on its land or prevent the exit of livestock.

The installation of a fence is normally exempt from a Prior Declaration (RFP) or Building Permit (CP) application. In all cases, the existing regulations must be complied with, even if an application for authorization is not required. However, prior declaration of work is required in some cases.

To find out if your installation is subject to declaration, please contact your Town Hall.

Failure to comply with the reporting requirement may result in criminal penalties and destruction.

Who shall I contact

In any case, a fence should not encroach on the neighboring property.

If the fence is on the edge of a public road (a path, for example), there may be a distance to be respected.

Also, if the land is marked with alignment, it is necessary to ask the town hall to find out which rules apply.

There may be a specific regulation if the fence is located in a subdivision in a municipality without local planning regulations.

If the land borders a dangerous road in its accesses, it is useful to get closer to the road manager.

Please note

Electric fences meet specific regulations. They must hold a certificate of approval for the equipment.