How do I get an individual alignment order?

Verified 14 September 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

If you are proprietor and that you are planning to make roadside works, you need to know the limit between the public road and your property (land, garden...).

To do so, you must request a individual alignment order.

It's a act drawn up by theadministrative authority in charge of public road management.

Step-by-step approach

You must request an individual alignment order when your work is on the roadside and the municipality does not have an alignment plan.

An alignment plane is a administrative servitude which determines, after a public inquiry, the boundary between the highway and the riparian properties. A parcel plane is attached to the alignment plane.

General case

When you undertake work outside the public domain (for example, an extension or fencing), you must request individual alignment.

One surveyor is responsible for drawing up the parcel plan annexed to the individual alignment order.


Individual alignment does not exempt you from request city planning permissions necessary, for example the preliminary declaration of works or the building permit in case of extension of your property or fencing.

Commune with alignment plane

When your land has an alignment plan, don't ask individual alignment.


The rural roads are not in the public domain. The alignment procedure is reserved for public roads. Thus, the alignment is not not applicable.

Your request must be made on free paper.

Your mail must include the information following:

  • Your name and address
  • Description of your planned works
  • Address of your property

L'public authority which issues the individual alignment changes according to road type.

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Communal road

Your request must be sent to the City Hall.

Who shall I contact

Departmental road

Your request should be sent to the department.

Who shall I contact

National road

The situation changes if you live in Ile-de-France or in another region.

General case

Your request must be sent to the Interdepartmental Roads Directorate (DIR).

In Île-de-France

Your request should be sent to the regional and interdepartmental directorate for environment, planning and transport of Île-de-France (DRIEAT).

The deed is a document written. It takes the form of a decree.

Individual alignment is a right. It can't be denied. If there is no response, you can form a appeal to the administrative court.

The individual alignment request is free.

The cost of surveying expert for alignment planes are at charge of the municipality.

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