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Real estate wealth tax (IFI) - Declaration and payment

Verified 08 June 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Do you have real estate wealth subject to real estate wealth tax (IFI)? The annual declaration depends on your family situation. The payment of taxes is done online or through a traditional payment method. You may be penalized for late filing or payment, but also for any inaccuracy or omission in your return.

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You live as a couple

If you live as a couple to 1er january 2023, you are the subject of a joint taxation for all your property, be it common or clean.

If you married or made a Civil partnership in 2022, the wealth to be reported is the couple's, even if you have opted to tax your income separately for the whole of 2022.

You're married, but live apart

If you are married under the separation of property and no longer live under the same roof on 1er january 2023, you declare your own property individually.

If you're going through a divorce and you have a judicial authorization to live separately, you're taxed separately.

You divorced or broke up your Civil partnership in 2022

You must report your personal taxable net assets separately if they exceed €1 300 000.

The person you were living with as a couple died in 2022

You report your assessed taxable net wealth as of the 1er January 2022.

You report your IFI with your reported income for the year.

For example, in 2023, you declare your IFI at 1er January 2023, with your 2022 revenues.

Tax returns via Internet is required if your principal residence is equipped with internet access and you are able to file your return online.

For 2023, the tax return is complete.

The 2024 income tax return for 2023 will begin in April 2024.

The IFI's statement comes in the spring, in the same deadlines as the tax return.

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General case

Internet reporting is mandatory if your home is connected to the Internet and you live in France.


You report your IFI with your reported income for the year.

2023 Online Income Tax Return 2022


You can report your income on paper if you meet one of the following conditions:

  • Your principal residence is not equipped with internet access
  • It is equipped with internet access, but you are not able to file your return online.

You must use Form 2042-IFI.

Real estate wealth tax return (Ifi)

Send your IFI return and attachments to your personal income tax office, attached to your tax return.

You don't report your income

You do not report your income, for example, because you are in one of the following situations:

If your heritage at 1er January 2022 is taxable at the IFI, you must make a personal return.

You must file an IFI return and its attachments.

You must use Form 2042-IFI.

You need to add the form n°2042-IFI-COV that allows you to identify yourself.

Real estate wealth tax return (Ifi)

Send it to your tax office:

In case of late declaration, a surcharge can be applied at the following rate:

  • 10% tax owing if you report your IFI within 30 days of a formal notice from the tax authority,
  • 40% beyond that period


the increase in 10% provided for in the event of late declaration shall be increased to 40% if the deposit follows the disclosure of undeclared foreign assets.

Interest on late payment shall also apply. They amount to 0.20% by month of delay.

These default interest shall apply from 1er July of the year in which the return should have been filed, and until the last day of the month in which the return was filed.

If your return is inaccurate (undervalued) or incomplete (omitted from one or more taxable properties), you will pay default interest.

These will be applied to you up to 0.20% by month of delay, or 2.4% per year.

A margin of error of 10% is tolerated if you have undervalued a property by declaring it.

In this case, late payment interest will not be applied to you unless your good faith is called into question by the administration.

Similarly, interest on late payment is not payable if you have stated in writing, when filing your IFI return, the reasons for not declaring an item of your assets or for giving it the declared value.

In any case, if you have deliberately omitted property or reduced its valueHowever, heavier penalties are provided for.

You receive a tax notice indicating the amount of your IFI payable.

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Tax less than or equal to € 300

You can pay your IFI by one of the following means:

  • Online
  • By check
  • Transfer

You can use the following online service:

Online tax payment

If your tax is less than or equal to €300, you can pay in cash or by credit card at a partner store.

Make sure your tax notice has a "QR code" and "payable to a dealer" written on it.

Tax over €300

Payment must be made online.

You must use the following online service:

Online tax payment

The IFI payment schedule shall be determined by the tax authorities.

In the event of non-payment of the tax on the property assets before the final date for payment mentioned on the tax assessment notice, an increase of 10% calculated on the tax due applies.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, you can request a payment deadline to the tax administration, justifying your situation.

However, you cannot request for remission of IFI.

In case of dispute, you can to bring an amicable action or to lodge a complaint.

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