Can a Frenchman receive financial assistance upon his return from expatriation?

Verified 14 April 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Yes, you can receive financial assistance that depends on your personal and professional situation, under certain conditions.

Social aid
  • Active Solidarity Income (RSA) : from 1er day of 4e month of residence in France.
    For example, if you leave France from April 25 to October 25, you will not receive the RSA for the months of April to October, but only from the 1ster January to March 31 and from March 1er November to December 31.
  • Youth employment contract (ex young guarantee), subject to conditions
  • Custom Housing Assistance (APL) : from 1er day of 1er month after your request.
    For example, if you applied on October 30, you will receive the PLA as of November 30.
Unemployment benefits

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