New Index Enhancement (NBI) in the Public Service

Verified 27 September 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Some public service jobs that involve a particular responsibility or technique are eligible for a so-called top-up new index enhancement (NBI). The NBI is the allocation of additional premium points. We'll give you the information you need to remember.

You can collect the new index bonus (NBI) if you are a public servant (trainee or incumbent) and work in a job with a particular responsibility or skill.

NBI-eligible jobs are listed in each public service by ministerial order or decree.

Example :

A childcare worker who runs a departmental childcare school is entitled to a 20-point NBI.

An employee employed as a pool manager in a municipal pool is entitled to a 15-point NBI.


If you're a contract worker, you can't collect the NBI even if you have a job on the list of eligible jobs.

However, if you are recruited under the special provisions on access to the civil service for disabled personsYes, you can take advantage of it.

In each civil service, the number of index points increased granted is fixed by decree for each job qualifying for it.

In the State civil service, for civil servants in senior managerial, managerial or expert positions, an overall amount of index points is increased per ministry.

This aggregate amount of index points plus is divided between central and devolved administrations.

A Ministerial Order sets the maximum amounts of NBI that can be allocated to the jobs concerned.

The NBI is paid monthly.

It shall continue to be paid, in the same proportion as index salary, during the following leave periods:

The NBI is reduced in the same proportion as the index treatment in case of part-time work or if you are working a non-full-time or incomplete employment.

If you have multiple NBIs in your job, you are assigned the NBI with the highest points plus.

The NBI ceases to be payable when you no longer perform the duties for which it is payable.

It shall cease to be paid in the event of long-term leave (CLD) or leave for temporary invalidity attributable to service (Citis).

The NBI is in addition to the index salary for the calculation of certain compensation elements

NBI is added to your index treatment for the calculation of the residence allowance and the family treatment supplement (FTS).

Example :

If you are remunerated on the basis of the 485-plus index and receive an NBI of 10 points, your residence allowance and SFT are calculated on the basis of the 495-plus index and not 485.

NBI is added to your index salary for the calculation of premiums or allowances as a percentage of index salary but is not included in the calculation of hourly allowances for additional work (IHTS).

The NBI is in addition to the index salary for the calculation of salary increases or residential allowances that are granted to you if you are serving in a department or a overseas collectivity (Com).

The NBI is considered for retirement

The NBI is subject to contributions to the basic pension scheme (SRE: titleContent if you are a public official or CNRACL: titleContent if you are a territorial or hospital official).

Periods during which you receive the NBI entitle you to a pension supplement in addition to your main pension.

You can estimate this pension supplement if you have received the new Index Enhancement (NBI) during your career using the following simulator:

NBI Pension Supplement Calculator