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Technical inspection of a collector vehicle: what are the rules?

Verified 23 May 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

One collection vehicle is a vehicle 30 years or older, which is no longer produced, and whose technical characteristics have not been modified.

In 2022, a vehicle registered forre times 1992 or earlier may registered as a collector vehicle under conditions.

General case

Vehicle put into circulation from 1960

One collection vehicle put into circulation from 1960 shall be subject to a technical inspection every 5 years.

5 years to make the 1to short periodic technical inspection from vehicle registration collection vehicle.

The technical inspection sticker shall not be affixed to the windscreen of a collector vehicle.

Vehicles put into circulation before 1960

One collection vehicle put into circulation before 1960 is exempt from technical supervision.


technical inspection of vehicle 30 years or older that is not declared collector vehicle must be every 2 years like other vehicles. The request for a carte grise collection vehicle can be found online on theCHILDREN: titleContent.

Collection vehicle used as a VTC

One collection vehicle used transport car with driver (VTC) has been subject to the specific regulations of the VTC for technical inspection since January 2021.

Therefore, period of validity of the technical inspection is1 Year.

Heavy weight exceeding 3,5 tons

One collection vehicle of PTAC: titleContent is greater than 3,5 tons east technical inspection no matter when it is put into circulation.

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