Occupational medicine: what is the information and prevention visit (PVI)?

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Any newly recruited employee shall be provided with information and prevention visit (Pvi). This must be organized within 3 months of the actual taking up of the employee's duties. This visit must, in some cases, be carried out before the employee is assigned to his work station. When should Vip be performed? How is the time spent on this visit paid for? When is the vip renewed? We're doing an update on the regulations.

No, the Vip: titleContent is a medical examination that is done by a occupational health professional (for example, a worker who is an occupational physician, an occupational health intern, a nurse) if the employee does not pose any particular risks.

At the end of the vip, the health professional may, if he considers it necessary, refer the worker to the occupational doctor.

If the employee is recognized handicapped worker or receives a invalidity pension or is night worker, Vip is done by occupational doctor in a occupational health and prevention service.

The purpose of the information and prevention visit shall be:

  • Ask the employee about his or her health
  • Inform the employee of the risks associated with the workstation
  • Raise employee awareness of prevention measures to be implemented
  • To inform the employee of his right to benefit, at any time, a visit at his request with the occupational physician

An occupational health record is open.

At the end of each Vip: titleContent, the occupational doctor or the health-care professional shall issue a certificate of follow-up at work to the employee and to the employer.

The occupational physician is not entitled to transmit to the employer medical information concerning the employee.

Please note

Under certain conditions, a newly recruited employee may be exempt from Vip.

Vip covers all employees working in private companies, Epic: titleContent and Epa: titleContent employing staff under private law.

The employee of the individual employer must also benefit Vip.

Please note

An employee exposed to particular risks to his health or safety or to those of his colleagues shall be entitled to enhanced individual monitoring (SIR) of his health.

Vip is done within a maximum of 3 months from the actual taking of the workstation.

For a night worker or an employee under 18, the visit shall be carried out prior to assignment.

The occupational physician may request further specialized examinations. They are the responsibility of the employer.

Please note

For apprentices the visit must take place in the following 2 months hiring.

The document varies depending on whether the PVI is performed by an occupational health professional or the occupational physician.

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Vip performed by an occupational health professional

The health care practitioner issues a follow-up certificate the employee and the employer. If he considers it necessary, the health professional may refer the employee to the occupational doctor.

Vip performed by the occupational physician

The occupational doctor shall issue the employee and the employer with a suitability opinion or unfit on hiring.

Medical examinations shall be carried out on working time and the remuneration shall be maintained.

Where such examinations cannot be carried out during working hours, they shall be paid as actual working time.

Time and transport costs required by these visits are paid by the employer.

Example :

The employee is a night worker, so the visit cannot take place on his working time. He does it in the daytime, takes 1 hour to get there and back, and the visit lasts 45 minutes.

The employer must pay the employee 1 hour 45 hours of salary in addition to his regular salary.

The employee makes another visit within a maximum of 5 years from 1re visit.

This period shall be fixed by the occupational doctor.

If the employee is recognized as a disabled worker or as having an invalidity pension or as a night worker, the maximum time limit is 3 years.

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