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Occupational Medicine: What is the Information and Prevention Visit (VIP)?

Verified 29 September 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Postponement of medical visits during the health emergency

Published on 25 March 2022

The occupational physician may postpone certain medical visits that expire on or before July 31, 2022. Such postponed visits may be carried out until 31 July 2023 at the latest.

This is what the law n°2022-46 of 22 january 2022 and decree n°2022-418 of 24 march 2022 .

All employees benefits from the information and prevention visit (Vip). The Vip replaced the hiring medical check-up.

The Vip is completed within a maximum period of 3 months from hiring (or before hiring for minors and night workers).

The PVI may be performed by the occupational physician or by a occupational health professional. The purpose of the survey is to ask the employee about his or her state of health. The visit is renewed within a maximum period of 5 years.

The Vip: titleContent is a medical examination carried out by a occupational health professional (e.g., a worker as a occupational physician, an intern in occupational medicine, a nurse) if the employee does not present any particular risks.

At the end of the PIV, the health care professional may, if he deems it necessary, refer the worker to the occupational physician.

If the employee is recognised disabled worker or holder of invalidity pension or night worker, the Vip is made by occupational physician in occupational health and prevention service.

Mandatory steps during the visit:

  • Employee's health status question
  • Workplace Risk Information
  • Awareness of preventive measures to be implemented
  • Informing the employee of his right to benefit, at any time, a visit at his request with the occupational physician

An occupational health record is open.

At the end Vip: titleContent, the occupational physician or health professional shall issue a certificate of follow-up to work to the employee and the employer.

The occupational physician is not entitled to transmit to the employer any medical information concerning the employee.

Please note

under certain conditions, a newly recruited employee may be dispensed from the Vip.

The Vip concerns all employees working in private companies, Epic: titleContent and Epa: titleContent employing private law staff.

Please note

the employee of employer should of the Vip

The Vip is realised within 3 months from the actual taking of the workstation.

For night worker or an employee under 18 years, the visit is prior to assignment.

The occupational physician may request additional specialised examinations. They are the responsibility of the employer.

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Vip performed by an occupational health professional

The health care professional shall issue a follow-up certificate to the employee and the employer. If the health professional deems it necessary, he may refer the employee to the occupational physician.

Vip performed by the doctor of work

The occupational physician shall issue a notice of fitness to the employee and the employer; or unfit on hiring.

Medical examinations are carried out on working time and remuneration is maintained.

Where such examinations cannot be held during working hours, they shall be paid as actual working time.

Time and transportation costs required by these visits are taken over by the employer.

Employee goes through a new visit within a maximum of 5 years from 1re visit.

This time limit is set by the occupational physician.

If the employee is recognised as a disabled worker or holder of a disability pension or night worker, the maximum period is 3 years.

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