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What is Universal Health Protection (Puma)?

Verified 07 décembre 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Since 2016, universal health protection (Puma) has allowed health care costs to be covered without interruption of rights. This care is ensured even in the event of a change in professional situation (loss of employment...), family situation (separation...) or residence.

Puma guarantees to any person working or residing in France on a stable and regular basis a right to take charge of his or her health costs on a personal basis and continuously throughout his or her life.

Puma also allows you to stay in the same health insurance plan, including in the event of a loss of activity or a change in your personal situation. This avoids possible periods of breach of your rights.

  Please note : individualized information is provided to 16 and 23-year-olds on social security care rights, free examinations and prevention programs.

Anyone who works or resides in France on a stable and regular basis is covered by Health Insurance.


A person who has reached the age of majority and is not engaged in a professional activity shall be entitled to personal health care. There is no need to be attached to a qualifying insured.

A foreigner European must possess a document or document attesting to the regularity of his situation.

Every adult is insured individually from the age of majority. She can choose to collect her refunds in her own bank account, receive her own refund account and have her own Ameli account.


Minors continue to be entitled. In practice, they are attached to one of their parents.

However, it is possible to apply for Puma in a personal capacity from the age of 16.

Persons who do not work but who reside in France on a stable and regular basis have a form to fill out and to submit.

Those who work have nothing to do. The employer makes the declaration.

A person of legal age entitled to an insured person may also request his personal affiliation with this form (together with the supporting documents requested in the attached notice).

Request for entitlement to health insurance

Cerfa n° 15763*02 - Ministry of Solidarity and Health
Other number : S1106 ou S1110 (Réf. 736 CNAMTS - VII - 2016)

Who shall I contact