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Energy renovation: how to combine Eco-PTZ with MaPrimeRénov'?

Verified 01 July 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

You can combine the eco-PTZ with MaPrimeRénov' to finance energy renovation works. From 1to July 2022, the process of applying for an eco-PTZ to finance the rest of the work eligible for MaPrimeRénov' is facilitated. In fact, it is enough to send the decision issued by theAnah: titleContent granting you MaPrimeRénov' to benefit from the eco-PTZ. However, this decision must not date more than 6 months before the Eco-PTZ offer is issued and you must not have started your work more than 3 months before the Eco-PTZ offer is issued.

The requested eco-PTZ should be used to finance the energy renovation eligible for MaPrimeRénov' (insulation, heating change, ...).

The work must be carried out in your main residence (the residence must be occupied at least 8 months per year, except for work obligations, health reasons or cases of force).

To qualify for the eco-PTZ, you must send the decision issued by theAnah: titleContent assigning you MaPrimeRénov'.

The production of this decision is enough to trigger the payment of the eco-PTZ.

Only banks that have signed an agreement with the state can offer the eco-PTZ. You can view the list of banks currently covered by this scheme .

You must ask one of these establishments for information.


the decision to award MaPrimeRénov' issued by Anah must not be more than 6 months before the eco-PTZ offer is issued. In addition, your work must not have begun more than 3 months before the eco-PTZ offer is issued.

To help you in your process, you can call on a specialist consultant for home renovation for free:

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The amount of the eco-PTZ paid in addition to MaPrimeRénov' may not exceed:

  • On the one hand, the amount of all taxes included (including VAT) of the works eligible for MaPrimeRénov'
  • On the other hand, the amount of MaPrimeRénov' actually paid net of the other cumulative aid (e.g. EEC, aid for works by local authorities)

The amount of the eco-PTZ awarded shall not exceed €30,000.

Yes, you can combine the eco-PTZ and MaPrimeRénov' with the following aids:

You can use a simulator to know and estimate the amount of financial assistance you can receive to renovate your home:

Search for aid for habitat renovation

You must justify that your work was actually carried out within 3 years of the award of the eco-PTZ. To do this, you must forward to the bank the decision to pay MaPrimeRénov' issued by the Anah.

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