Energy saving certificates (EEC) "Standard"

Verified 28 May 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Energy suppliers may offer financial support to individuals to partially or fully finance their energy saving work in their homes. It is thus possible to obtain assistance Energy saving certificate (EEC) for standard work. The amount of the proposed aid takes into account the amount of energy savings achieved and your income.

Energy suppliers may offer financial support to individuals to partially or fully finance their energy saving work in their homes.

These aids are proposed within the framework of the so-called energy savings certificates (EEC).

Depending on the energy suppliers selected, the aid may take different forms (premium, purchase vouchers, reductions, etc.).

To specify your work needs and associated aids, you can consult the website of the Agency for the Ecological Transition (Ademe) or contact a housing renovation consultant free of charge:

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All suppliers of electricity, gas or LPG, domestic fuel oil, heat and cold, and motor fuels can offer financial support for energy saving work.

You are eligible for EEC aid if you own or rent a dwelling that has been completed for more than 2 years.

This may be your principal residence or secondary.

The work concerned is work known as standard jobs. This may involve works and installations (e.g. insulation work, heating equipment). These works are identified in so-called sheets standardized transaction records (you must consult the list of records in the “Residential” sector).


for certain works non-standardized meeting specific criteria, energy suppliers offer advantageous aid. These are the Helpful Bonuses.

To help you in your choice of works and/or installation, you can call on a consultant specialized in housing renovation works for free:

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To apply for help, you must follow the order of the following steps:

  1. Select an energy supplier. It is recommended to compare the offers available on the websites of several suppliers.
  2. Accept the offer of the supplier (or its partner) corresponding to your work before signing the quotation of your work
  3. Select an EGR professional to carry out your work. A directory is at your disposal.
  4. Sign the quote offered by the EGR professional
  5. Have your work done by this professional
  6. Send the supporting documents of your work to the energy supplier (invoices, self-signed certificate and delivery by the energy supplier who summarizes the work)

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Attention Points

It is strongly recommended to respect the following:

  • Sign and date the quotation in handwriting (by hand)
  • Check that the aid relates exclusively to works and/or installations and that the estimate clearly specifies their nature (marks, references, performance, etc.). If it is personalized advice, for example, it will not be eligible for the premium.
  • If the work is performed by a subcontractor, verify that the quote includes the name of the subcontractor and that the work will be performed by the subcontractor
  • Verify that the quote does not include a down payment the payment date of which would be before the signature of your contract with the energy supplier (this is false and prohibited)

To help you in your process, you can call on a consultant specialized in housing renovation work for free:

Who shall I contact

The amount of aid varies, among other things, according to the energy suppliers, the nature of your work, the extent of energy savings achieved and your income. Some providers offer on their website to do a simulation to find out how much aid you can claim.

It is recommended that several energy suppliers compete for the best possible support.

The aid is paid by the supplier you have chosen after the work has been carried out and once you have sent him the attestation on honor signed with the work invoices.

The payment may take the following form:

  • Either by bank transfer or by check
  • Be deducted from your invoice
  • Or in another form (for example, vouchers)

The EEC aid paid may be cumulated with the following aid:

Other local aids may supplement the premium.

You can use a simulator to find out and estimate the amount of financial assistance you can receive:

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