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Driver's licence: register online for the exam (NEPH number assignment) (Online service)

National Secured Securities Agency (ANTS)

Online service available in English only, accessible via FranceConnect or with your ID TWO: titleContent .

If you don't have an ANTS ID, you can create an account to have a personal space on the ANTS website.

This online service allows you to enrol in the permit review and obtain a Certificate of Registration for Driver's Licence containing harmonised prefectural registration number (NEPH No).

NEPH is required for a 1mother registration or for a new category of driving licence.

You can also ask your school to apply.


this online service only provides a NEPH number. It does not allow you to register for the theoretical (code) and practical (driving) tests of the driving licence.

Steps to follow ::

1/ Sign in or create an account TWO: titleContent

2/ Click on "New request"

3/ Choose the reason for your application "I register to be able to attend the driving licence tests",

3/ Complete the entries and add the requested supporting documents

4/ Confirm approach

5/ Track progress in your ANTS space. The average processing time is 2 weeks.

Go to the online procedure

Verified 15 December 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)