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Prépas Talents: scholarship application is available until May 31, 2024

Publié le 21 février 2024 - Mise à jour le 09 avril 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Are you a higher education scholar or a job seeker and you aspire to enter the public service? Do you know that you can integrate a Talent Prep to present the competitions? Many Talented Mepas are still open for applications. What is a Talent Prep, what competitions are they preparing for, where to get information and how to register? All information with

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Les Prépas Talents is part of the "Plan Talents" established for the government to promote equal opportunities in the preparation of public service competitions.

They shall be open, subject to conditions of resources, to post-graduate students, to higher education graduates and to jobseekers.

Application schedules differ for each, with many running until June and sometimes until fall 2024.

The Talent Prepas classes

There are more than 100 classes Pre-pas Talents distributed over the whole territory. They are present in public service schools, universities, institutes of political studies (IEPs), CPAGs (Centers for the Preparation of General Administration) and IPAGs (Institutes for the Preparation of General Administration).

These devices prepare for 45 public service competitions, to access category A+, A and B jobs.

They also offer access to 6 Talents for Senior Public Service competitions:

  • the National Institute of Public Service (INSP);
  • the National Institute for Territorial Studies (INET);
  • the School of Advanced Studies in Public Health (EHESP);
  • the National Police Academy (ENSP);
  • the National School of Prison Administration (ENAP).

Each student benefits during this course:

  • of a free and graduating training ;
  • of a enhanced mentoring (trainee civil servants from public service schools or current civil servants);
  • of a annual grant of €4,000, granted by law, and cumulable with the stock exchange on social criteria;
  • of a housing and catering support ;
  • the possibility of a immersion course.

Please note

The €4,000 grant can be combined with the grant on social criteria, the scholarship application shall be carried out between 1er march and may 31, 2024.

Get informed and apply for a Prep Talents

To apply, contact one of the organizations offering the Talent Prep course; selections and registrations are conducted directly by the institutions concerned, and the dates vary according to the institutions.

See the calendar of Prépas Talents. Applications for some courses can be submitted until fall 2024.

For each Prepa Talents are indicated:

  • the link;
  • competitions prepared;
  • the registration period;
  • the information sheet, the terms and conditions and the registration site.

You can also use the mapping of the establishments that welcome them.

Admission is subject to conditions of resources and merit on the basis of a file and an interview.


The Talents scholarships are intended, subject to conditions of resources, for students registered in the Talent Pre-Passes but also for persons preparing a competition outside a Talent Pre-Passes. The amount varies according to the situation: 4 000 €/year for students of Talent Prepas and 2 000 €/year for people preparing a competition outside a Talent Prepa. You must make a request to your school's pedagogical reference.

The following are not eligible for the Talents grant:

  • persons preparing public service competitions as free candidates (who are not registered in Preparatory Talent or in a competition preparation organization);
  • public officials, whether permanent or contract, unless their contract is for less than one year.