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From 1 Apr. 2023

Mandatory energy audit postponed to April 2023: what it contains and who can carry it out

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Originally scheduled from 1er september 2022, the entry into force of the mandatory energy audit was postponed to 1er april 2023 under a decree and order issued in Official Journal August 11, 2022. An energy audit must be carried out before homes or buildings classified as F or G are offered for sale in the energy performance diagnostic. This document will propose the work to be done to improve the classification of the dwelling, in one go or in stages. This work is not required to complete the sale, but the purchaser will be informed of its nature.

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Since 2006, the sale of a dwelling must be accompanied by an energy performance diagnostic (EPR), which assesses its energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Depending on the result, this dwelling is classified from A to G.

The sale of single-owner residential buildings or single-family homes with poor EPS will also require a energy audit to be sent to the buyer.

From 1er in April 2023, the obligation to carry out an energy audit will first concern dwellings classified as F or G, so-called dwellings

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of which the promise of sale or, failing that, the deed of sale is signed from 1er September 2022, according to a decree dated August 9, 2022.

The audit will then apply to E-rated dwellings from 1er January 2025, then to Dwellings classified D from 1er January 2034.

What is in the energy audit?

The energy audit shall make proposals for work to be carried out to improve the energy performance of the dwelling concerned. It presents at least two scenarios of works to be carried out in several stages or in a single stage to bring dwellings F or G into class C (or class B for dwellings classified E or D before works). Unless there is a particular constraint, the first step must win at least one class, and reach at least class E.

This document must be given to the proposed purchaser at the first visit to the property and must be attached to the promise of sale. Completion of the recommended work is not mandatory to complete the sale: the objective is to inform the buyer, so that he incorporates this work in his purchase project, which is usually accompanied by a renovation program.

This audit shall include in particular:

  • a general inventory of the property (thermal and geometric characteristics, indications on heating, hot water production, ventilation, cooling, lighting equipment);
  • an estimate of the performance of the building, based on the EPD;
  • proposals for work to achieve improvement.

For each stage of the work path, the audit must provide, for its main information:

  • the estimated energy savings;
  • the estimated theoretical impact of the proposed works on the energy bill in the form of a cost saving range;
  • the estimated amount of the work;
  • a reference to the main financial assistance available (national and local).

Please note

the energy audit will apply in the overseas departments and regions from 1er July 2024 for dwellings classified F or G, and from 1er January 2028 for housing classified E.

Who is entitled to carry out an energy audit?

The energy audit shall be carried out by a qualified professional who has no link liable to impair his impartiality and independence vis-à-vis the owner or the authorized representative who calls on him. He has insurance that covers the consequences of liability.

For multi-unit residential buildings, qualified professionals are:

  • the design offices ‘Energy audit of buildings (tertiary and/or collective housing)’ (OPQIBI 1905 qualification);
  • businesses of architects and architects registered in the order and who have undergone training;

For detached houses:

  • design offices and companies qualified as ‘Energy audit in a single house’ (OPQIBI 1911 qualification);
  • companies certified as “GGE Global Offer”;
  • certified real estate diagnostics (certification issued by a certification body, obligatorily attached to their audit).

Please note

the qualifications of the professionals authorized to carry out this audit are specified in a decree published in the Official Journal of 4 May 2022.

Where can I find a listener?

On the website France Rénov':

Or in the Directory of Certified Diagnostics-Auditors: