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European Sustainable Development Week (ESDD): ask for the program!

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Exhibitions, films, visits, creative workshops... during the European Sustainable Development Week (ESDD) which runs from 18 September to 8 October 2022 around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030 (food security and sustainable agriculture, fight against climate change, water quality, clean energy, education, gender equality...). The main theme of this 2022 edition is “Action on a daily basis”. Find the program of events near you.

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This event, which is aimed at the general public, schools, communities and companies, aims to:

  • promoting the ecological transition and sustainable development by promoting local actions;
  • raise awareness of the issues at stake;
  • facilitate both individual and collective mobilization.

Discover the first 10 winners of the Sustainable Development Week 2022 !

See the program of activities and events which take place in France.


the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion encourages all companies with projects to register on the dedicated platform until the end of European Sustainable Development Week. Project promoters can be public institutions, research centers, schools, associations, non-governmental organizations, individuals and companies.

Please note

for its part, the Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe) offers individuals a space eco-citizen that takes stock of the eco-gestures to adopt every day (at home, in the office, in your travels, your purchases or even your holidays). The Ademe also has a website dedicated to good actions to take to extend the life of our objects and so reduce our amount of waste.