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From 1 Apr. 2023

Compulsory energy audit since 1 April 2023: who is concerned?

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Since 1er April 2023, an owner of a detached house or a building with several units classified as F or G is required to carry out an energy audit. Condominium owners are not affected. provides an update on these new provisions.

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Following the obligation for selling owners to provide future purchasers with the energy performance diagnosis (EPC) of the property, the Climate and Resilience Act of 22 August 2021 sought to strengthen the information provided to them by requiring an energy audit.

Defining a Work Path

While the energy performance diagnosis assesses the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of the dwelling by classifying it from A to G, the energy audit aims to establish a coherent path of work, in stages, to achieve an efficient energy and environmental renovation of the property (improvement of thermal comfort and air quality). These works proposals must be compatible with the easements provided for by the Heritage Code and must not be disproportionate in cost to the value of the property.

Independent professional auditor

The energy audit must be carried out by a qualified professional (e.g. qualified design office, businesses of architects and architects registered and trained or certified companies) EGR Global Offer). The trader must have no link liable to impair his impartiality and independence vis-à-vis the owner or the representative who calls on him.

As the fees are free, the cost of the energy audit can therefore vary from one professional to another.

Obligation for the single owner

Only the sole owner of a multi-unit building or of a detached house is obliged to carry out this energy audit of the property or part of a building for residential use proposed for sale.

The property must have been classified D, E, F or G by energy performance diagnosis.

Please note

The obligation is progressive. Since 1er April 2023, only single owners whose buildings or parts of buildings for residential use classified as F or G and which are the subject of a promise to sell (or a bill of sale) are subject to this obligation.

  • As of 1er January 2025: the obligation will apply to single owners of E-rated properties;
  • From 1er January 2034: to single owners of properties classified D.


The selling owner of a condominium lot is not affected.

Presentation of the document on the first visit

The selling owner or his representative (for example, a real estate agency) must hand over the energy audit to the future purchaser during the first visit to the building or part of the building that is the subject of the audit. The document can be in paper or electronic format.

Five-year term

The energy audit carried out shall be valid for 5 years.

Where can I find a listener?

On the website France Rénov':

Or in the Directory of Certified Diagnostics-Auditors: