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Seat Belt: a campaign to reinstate the reflex gesture!

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The seat belt is celebrating its 50th anniversary! Road Safety is taking advantage of this anniversary to launch an awareness campaign from June 25 to July 23 on this life-saving gesture. Nearly one in four people killed in cars were not wearing them.

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The use of seat belts became mandatory for drivers and passengers, at the front in 1973 and at the rear in 1990. Attaching allows the body to be secured to the seat and prevents it from being thrown forward, onto the windshield or out of the vehicle.

Care should be taken with positioning: It should be placed on the top of the pelvis and placed on the shoulder blade.

In 2022, 24% people killed in a vehicle were not wearing seat belts. In view of this, and on the eve of summer holidays, Road Safety is launching a national information campaign to reinstate the reflex gesture to fasten his seat belt.

The Road Safety campaign, aimed at all audiences, is based on a court clip playing a song known to everyone (Stayin’ alive of the film

Saturday Night Fever


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28% of drivers admit that they do not systematically fasten their seat belts during short journeys. In 2023, 37% of motorists report starting their vehicle without checking that all passengers are fastened (compared to 40% in 2022).

Can you be excused from use of seat belts ? What are the rules for children and baby seats ? The cards of answer all your questions.


failure to wear a seat belt shall be punished by a fine of up to €750. More generally, it's a flat-rate fine of €135 which is applied. The driver is also at risk of 3-point indentation his driver's license.