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Can seat belts be dispensed with?

Verified 03 septembre 2021 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Yes, you may be exempted from wearing a seat belt for medical or professional reasons.

Medical reasons

You are exempt from wearing a seat belt if:

  • Your morphology is clearly unsuitable for wearing a belt
  • You have medical certificate exemption issued by a licenced physician. The medical certificate must indicate its validity. In case of control, you must present it to the police.

Business reasons

You are exempt from wearing a seat belt if you are in one of the following situations:

  • Taxi driver on duty
  • Driver or passenger of a priority general interest vehicle or ambulance, in emergency response
  • Driver or passenger of a utility vehicle who is forced to stop frequently in built-up areas
  • Driver or passenger of a vehicle making door-to-door deliveries in built-up areas

You don't have to take steps to get dispensed.

  Reminder : the use of seat belts is mandatory for drivers and passengers. Failure to comply with this obligation is punishable by fines up to €750. In general, this is a flat-rate fine of €135. In addition, the driver may withdraw 3 points of his driving licence.