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Contract loan

Verified 05 October 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The contracted loan is intended for the owner who wishes to carry out work in his principal residence or for any person who wishes to become the owner of his principal residence (by purchasing or having it built). It is granted without conditions of resources. The interest rate on the loan is capped. This loan can be obtained from financial institutions (example: bank) having entered into an agreement with the State.

The loan may be used in particular to finance the following operations:

  • Purchase of land and construction of housing on that land
  • Purchase of new housing
  • Purchase of old housing and improvement works if necessary
  • Work in an existing dwelling to save energy, to enlarge it (by extension or by raising it) or to transform a dwelling that was not intended for the dwelling. The amount of work must be at least equal to €4,000..


where the loan finances work, it must be completed within the time limit for repayment of the loan. It is possible to request an extension of time for work, in certain situations.

The dwelling must become the principal residence of the borrower no later than 1 year after completion of the work or purchase.

This period may be extended to a maximum of 6 years if the following 2 conditions are met:

  • The accommodation will be occupied by the borrower from the date of his retirement
  • The accommodation is rented until this date respecting specific rules

For a dwelling to be considered a principal residence, it must be occupied at least 8 months per year.

The following exceptions are allowed:

Where to ask?

You can obtain a loan from a financial institution (example: bank) having entered into an agreement with the State.

It may be useful to compare the loan offer offered by different banks, as the interest rate offered to you may vary within the limit of the authorized ceiling. This comparison is done using the RATE ..

Interest rate

It is possible to get a loan:

The interest rate may not exceed maximum rate (ceiling) .. Within this limit, the interest rate offered to you depends in particular on the duration of the loan and the organization that offers the loan. Therefore, it is useful to compare offers from several organizations, using the RATE ..

Refund Duration

The agreed loan can be repaid over a period of 5 to 30 years.

The loan agreement may provide for the possibility of modifying this term to:

  • Or extend it to a maximum of 35 years
  • Reduce it


The agreed loan is granted without condition of resources.

Please note

the agreed loan signed after 1to January 2020 does not qualify forAPL: titleContent..

The loan may finance the whole of a real estate transaction, with the exception of:

  • notary fees, i.e. transfer fees and notary fees
  • the costs of examining the file
  • possible costs of purchasing furniture

The loan may be supplemented in particular by:


a conventional loan cannot be complemented by a "conventional" home loan.