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Social Accession Loan (SAP)

Verified 05 October 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The Social Accession Loan (SAP) is a mortgage for low-income individuals. It must be used to acquire ownership of the principal residence (by purchasing it or having it built) or to carry out work (for example, disability adjustment work). Eligibility requires income requirements, which vary according to the location of the dwelling and the number of occupants. The interest rate on the SAP is capped.

The loan may be used in particular to finance the following operations:

  • Purchase of land and construction of housing on land
  • Purchase of new housing
  • Purchase of old housing and improvements if necessary
  • Work in an existing dwelling to save energy, to enlarge it (by extension or by elevation) or to transform into a dwelling a space that was not intended for the dwelling. The amount of work must be at least €4,000.


where the loan finances works, these must be completed within the repayment period of the loan. It is possible to request an extension of time for work in certain situations.

The dwelling must become the borrower's principal residence no later than 1 year after completion of the works or purchase.

This period may be extended to a maximum of 6 years if the following 2 conditions are met:

  • The dwelling will be occupied by the borrower from the date of retirement
  • The accommodation is rented until this date in compliance with specific rules

For a dwelling to be considered a principal residence, it must be occupied at least 8 months per year.

The following exceptions are allowed:

Your resources must not exceed a maximum amount, which depends on the location of your dwelling (zone A, A bis, B1, B2 or C) and the number of people living in the dwelling.

Know the area of his commune: A, Abis, B1, B2 or C

Tableau - Maximum resources to obtain a SIP, based on the number of occupants and the location of the dwelling

Number of persons living in housing

Area A and Aa

Zone B1

Zone B2

Area C




































From 8





The amount of income to be taken into account corresponds to the total of the reference tax income of the borrower and other persons who will live in the dwelling (where not related to the borrower for tax purposes).

The tax revenues to be taken into account are those of year N-2 (for a loan application in 2020, these are the 2018 reference tax revenues, recorded on the 2019 tax notice).

Where to ask for the PAS?

You can obtain a SIP from a credit institution (e.g. a bank) that has an agreement with the government.

It may be useful to compare the offer of PAS offered by different banks, as the proposed interest rate may vary within the limit of the authorized ceiling. This comparison is performed using the APRC.

Interest rate

It is possible to obtain a loan:

The interest rate may not exceed one maximum rate (ceiling rate). Within this limit, the interest rate you are offered depends in particular on the duration of the loan and the organization offering you the loan. Therefore, it is useful to compare offers from several organizations, using the APRC.

Repayment period

The SAP can be refunded over a period of 5 to 30 years.

The loan agreement may provide for the possibility of changing that period for 

  • extend it to a maximum of 35 years, or
  • or reduce it.

Benefits of SAP

The PAS must be secured by a security right (mortgage or equivalent), but this guarantee shall be exempt from property advertising charges.

There is a ceiling on the costs of investigating the case.

The notary's fees are reduced.

Please note

the loan signed after 1er january 2020 does not qualify for theAPL: titleContent.

The PAS can finance the entire real estate transaction.

However, it may not finance the following costs:

  • Notaries' fees, i.e. transfer fees and notary fees
  • Costs of investigating the case
  • Possible costs of purchasing furniture to furnish the dwelling

The SAP may be supplemented in particular by the following loans or elements:


a PAS cannot be supplemented by a "classic" mortgage.