Professional driving license: compulsory medical check

Verified 08 April 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

You use your driver's license for work and you wonder if a medical check-up, called medical examination, is mandatory? Want to know when to go for the medical and how often? We tell you the rules to know and the steps to follow to do the process.

You must undergo a medical examination to obtain or renew the following licenses:

  • A Permit used for a passenger transport activity
  • B Permit used for the following activities (taxi, private car with driver - VTC, ambulance, school pick-up, public passenger transport)
  • Permit C and C1 (heavy goods vehicle)
  • D Permit and D1 (public transit)
  • EC Permit, C1E, FROM and D1E (certain vehicles with trailers)

Step-by-step approach

The length of time to go through the medical and renew your license depends on your age and the category of permit.

Tableau - Time limit for medical examination according to age and license category


Permits A, B, C, CE, C1, C1E

Permits D, DE, D1, D1E

Under 55

5 years

5 years

55 to 60 years

5 years or until the anniversary date of 60 years

5 years or until the anniversary date of 60 years

60 to 76 years

2 years or until the 76 year anniversary date

1 year

Over 76 years

1 year

1 year

Your license is not canceled if the deadline for the check has passed, but the license loses its validity.

You must therefore pass the medical examination without delay.

You must speak to a city doctor approved by the prefect of your department.

This doctor should not be your doctor.

You can consult the list of accredited doctors on the website of your prefecture.

It is also available at the prefecture, sub-prefecture and in the town halls of some communes.


you can take the medical examination with a doctor registered in a department other than your residence. In this case, it is prudent to attach to your file the explanation of the use of a doctor other than that of your department of residence.

General case
Who shall I contact
Who shall I contact
Who shall I contact
In Paris
Who shall I contact

You must download and pre-fill the cerfa form no. 14880.

The form is also available in the prefecture.

Driver's license - Medical opinion

You must also complete a questionnaire about your health.

You can download the order of 28 March 2022 which contains this questionnaire in Annex III (page 44))

Also prepare a identification (original) and documents that you find useful on your state of health.

The doctor should check your physical fitness, cognitive and sensory to drive.

If you have not already completed the questionnaire regarding your health condition, the doctor has you fill it out.

He is reviewing your file and carrying out the medical examination.

The doctor may do the following:

  • Prescribe additional examinations
  • Prescribe a psychotechnical examination with a psychologist registered with the prefect
  • Ask For advice from specialized health professionals
  • Request a driving test
  • Ask for your examination by a medical board

If necessary, ask your prefecture to make these steps.

General case
Who shall I contact
Who shall I contact
Who shall I contact
In Paris
Who shall I contact

The medical examination, also called medical examination, cost €36.

The health insurance (social security) does not cover the costs of the medical examination, nor any additional examinations.

The doctor will give you the original of the medical opinion.

The doctor renders the opinion "Fit".

This means that your health is compatible with driving.

The application to renew your license is made online on the website of theANTS: titleContent.

You must attach the digitized version of the physician's opinion to the supporting documents requested.

On-line application for a driving license in case of expiry

Your new license is mailed to your home.

Upon receipt, destroy the old license.

Please note

the prefect is not obliged to follow the medical opinion. He can make an unfavorable decision.

The doctor is giving you the original of the medical opinion.

There are 3 possible reviews:

  • Unfit
    This means that your health condition is incompatible with driving.
  • Temporary aptitude
    The doctor specifies the duration, between 6 months and 5 years, and within the limit of the periodic medical examination.
  • Fitness with restrictions
    The doctor specifies what arrangements or equipment are needed.

You receive a mail to inform you that you can to submit comments.

At the end of the deadline to collect your observations, the prefect will notify  by post sadness decision : incompetence, ability temporary or aptitude with restrictions.

The letter specifies the remedies and time-limits for appeals.

You can appeal to the medical appeal board.

However, you must respect the decision of the prefect even if you do appeal.

The committee will examine you, consult the approved doctor if necessary and forward its opinion to the prefect.

If the prefect again makes an unfavorable decision, you can request a new medical examination in the 6 months according to this decision.

You can also make a appeal to the administrative court.

Driver's license - Medical opinion

On-line application for a driving license in case of expiry

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