Motorcycle license: A license

Verified 05 September 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

How do I get an A license to drive a large engine more than 35 kilowatts (47.5 horsepower)? What is the minimum age for the A license? What is the minimum time required to pass permit A after obtaining permit A2? What is the bridge formation ? Do you have to take an exam? We tell you the steps to follow to pass the motorcycle A license.

Step-by-step approach

The A license allows the following vehicles to be driven:

  • Motorcycle, with or without side-car, no matter how powerful
  • 3 Wheels of a power greater than 15 kW: titleContent

What is the minimum age?

To get the A permit, you must have at least :

  • 20 years for the conduct of a motorcycle of a power greater than 35 kW: titleContent (47.5 ch: titleContent)
  • 21 years for the operation of 3 Wheels of a power greater than 15 kW: titleContent

What motorcycle license do you need?

You must have the A2 motorcycle license since 2 years or more.

How long will it take before you can take the training?

You can follow the training within a period of 3 months before the anniversary date of 2 years to obtain the A2 motorcycle license.

Example :

If you got the A2 license on the 1er august 2023, you can take the training from 1er May 2025.

Where to take the training?

You can take the training in a driving school (motorcycle school) or a associative school approved.

Driving license: find a certified school near you

The driving school must offer you a  standard driving education contract.

That contract shall specify in particular the program and the course of training, on price training and administrative services, obligations of each, the means of payment.

What's the price?

Training rates are free.

How long is it?

Training lasts 7 hours and is done over a day.

What is the content of the training?

Training includes 1 theoretical sequence and 2 practical sequences :

  • 2 hours of theory : accident, speed, detectability, driving and psychoactive products (alcohol, drugs, medicines...)
  • 2 hours maneuverability out of circulation, on tray
  • 3 hours driving in circulation

Do you have to take an exam?

There's no exam to take.

At the end of the training, your instructor will give you a follow-up certificate.


this certificate does not allow to drive immediately a motorcycle or a 3-wheel category A. You must wait to receive the corresponding permit.

The school takes care of the demand of your A license (driving license).

You must provide the following documents:

  • If you are French, aged from 17 years to 25 years, individual certificate of participation in the Defense and Citizenship Day (JDC), or individual exemption certificate, or national service status certificate, or provisional national service status certificate
  • If you are a foreigner, proof of regularity of the stay or, if you are exempt from a residence permit, proof of your presence in France for at least 6 months (payroll, rent receipt...)

The period of validity of a driving license (driving license) in format credit card is 15 years.

At the end of this period, the renewal is a simple administrative procedure : there is no driving test or medical examination to be taken.

So, even if your driving license is valid 15 years, your license category remains valid for life (unless individually restricted).

However, the period of validity of the title may be small for health reasons.

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