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How do I get a new category added to my driver's license?

Verified 10 September 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

If you have obtained a new category of driver's license, you must apply for a new category of driver's license as soon as possible.

Indeed, the driving license examination certificate (CPE) obtained after passing the practical test allows driving only during 4 months the new vehicle category.

The process is done online on the website of theCHILDREN: titleContent..

You need:

  • Copy of your current driving license
  • Copy of the certificate proving the passing of the examination for the new category obtained
  • Digital Signature (If you do not have access to a digital photo and signature service, you are offered to fill out and mail a photo-signature form (FPS) during the remote procedure)
  • Supporting documents in numerical format (identification, proof of residence)
  • Email address or mobile phone number to be informed about the progress of the instruction and the production of the driving license

Online application for a driver's license after passing an examination

To track the production of your license, you can use the remote service to track the manufacture and transmission of your driver's license.

Follow your driver's license application

The shipment of the driver's license is done by Expert Letter.

It is a secure shipment, with hand-delivered against signature.

  • The address you specify during the online procedure must be as complete as possible (building number, apartment number, mailbox number, floor, hallway, staircase, "resident",...).
  • Your mailbox must include the first and last name of the person receiving the mail.

If you are absent when the postman passes, you must go to the Post Office within 15 days, with your notice of passage or with the number of the Expert Letter. After this period, your driver's license is returned to theCHILDREN: titleContent..

Who shall I contact

Destroy your old driver's license upon receipt of the new one.