Can you settle in France with a European residence permit?

Verified 01 January 2024 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Yes, if you are a non-European foreigner and legally reside in another European Union (EU) country, you can come and live in France under certain conditions.

Depending on the nature of your residence permit and your status in your country of origin, your steps will be different to enter and stay in France:

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You have an EU Blue Card

You can get a talent passport residence card - eu blue card - employment under 2 conditions: you already have a European Blue Card and you stayed at least 18 months in another EU countries.

You have to ask for it within one month of your entry in France.

You are a long-term EU resident

This status is granted to you by EU countries (except Ireland and Denmark) if you are a non-European foreigner after 5 years of legal and uninterrupted stay in their territory. It permits the issue of a residence permit EU long-term resident.

If you have this residence permit, you can enter and settle in France without having to apply for a long-stay visa (for more than 3 months).

Within 3 months of your entry into France, you must submit an application for a residence card.

Depending on your situation, this may be one of the following:

You must meet the requirements to obtain the title (for example, if you are an employee, you must have obtained authorization to work in France).

You must also prove that you have sufficient and stable resources to live in France (possibly with your family) and health insurance.

Your resource amount must be at least €1,766.92 (monthly gross) if you are not the owner of your accommodation (or free accommodation).


you do not have to apply for a residence card if you come to work in France as an employee posted by a service provider in the context of a cross-border service. The same is true if you are one cross-border service provider.

Accompanying family

Your husband and children living with you in your European country of origin can accompany you or join you in France, under conditions.

Within 3 months of entering France, adults in your family must apply for temporary residence card private and family life.

If your family did not live with you in your European country of origin, you will need to request a family reunification in France.

You're in another case

You must apply for long-stay visa (more than 3 months) to enter France in order to request a residence permit to settle you.

This visa is required even if you have a permanent or unlimited residence permit in your country of origin.

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