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How can the mediator of the Caf or the MSA be used?

Verified 27 November 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)


The Administrative Ombudsman Caf: titleContent occurs as a result of a claim when the blocking persists.

It restores communication between the recipient and the Caf.

Its action concerns the individual family and social benefits paid by the Caf. For example, if you feel that you did not get the right amount of a benefit or that a benefit was unfairly taken away from you.

You can enter it if you have already filed a complaint with your Caf and the disagreement persists.

The contact details of the mediator are indicated in your Caf and can be found on the website of your Caf.

Who shall I contact


The mission of the MSA mediator is to seek to resolve disputes between the insured persons of the agricultural system and their MSA: titleContent..

You may refer a dispute to the mediator concerning, inter alia:

  • Your mandatory social protection
  • Social benefits (sickness, maternity, invalidity, death, accident at work, old age, family benefits)
  • Complementary old age

Before you go to the mediator, you must have appealed to the Board of Appeal (CRA) and wait for its decision on your claim.

You must attach a complete file containing a clear statement of the dispute, the subject matter of the claim and all the documents relating to the case.

The mediator shall check the admissibility of the file and ensure that it falls within his competence.

It carries out an in-depth examination with a verification of the facts and a search for all the elements necessary to decide on the merits of the claim.

The mediator shall give his opinion simultaneously to the insured and to the MSA fund within 2 months of the date on which you requested it (except in complex cases).

Who shall I contact