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How can I use the Ombudsman of the Caf or the MSA?

Verified 05 October 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)


The Administrative Ombudsman Caf: titleContent is triggered by a complaint when the blockage persists.

It restores communication between the recipient and the Caf.

You can sign in to your allotted account and send a message to the mediator of your Caf.

Family Allowance Fund (Caf) online

You can also contact the mediator of your Caf by mail or email.

Contact information is provided in your Caf. You can also search for them on your Caf's website.

Some CAFs have an email address dedicated to mediation.

Who shall I contact


The Ombudsman may only be referred to in some cases (example: you did not receive the start-up allowance).

In addition, you must have already tried to resolve the issue by contacting the relevant department before you solicit the mediator.


The OmbudsmanMSA: titleContent the purpose of this Regulation is to seek to resolve disputes between policyholders of the agricultural system and their MSA: titleContent.

You can enter the mediator:

  • By postal mail
  • Through the Internet.

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By postal mail

Who shall I contact


In all cases, the referral must include:

  • A clear statement of case
  • The precise purpose of the complaint
  • Relevant documents concerning it, such as the decision of the Board of Amicable Appeal.


Before you go to the mediator, you must have first appealed to the CRA (Board of Amicable Appeal) of your MSA and obtained its decision.