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Housing aid: what is helping young?

Verified 01 August 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

The youth assistance allows you to pay a portion of your rent or royalty for residential or social housing for the duration of your alternating training. You can take advantage of it if you are under 30. It is paid by an organisation called Housing (Ex 1% Housing).

Help-young allows you to reduce the amount of your rent and thus be able to take a lodging close to your training place. The aid is paid by an organisation called Housing (Ex1% Housing). It is awarded under certain conditions.

Conditions related to your situation

To qualify for the assistance, you must meet the following 4 conditions:

  • Under 30
  • Be in alternating training under apprenticeship contract or professionalisation contract in a non-agricultural private sector company
  • To be in a company contributing to the device 1% accommodation (this is the case for all companies with 20 or more employees)
  • Earning less than or equal to the Gross Monthly Smic (€1,678.95). The salary to be taken into account is the one entered on the contract of alternation (apprenticeship or professionalisation)

Conditions of your accommodation

To qualify for the assistance, you must have signed a lease (or attractive the lease in the case of a joint lease) or an agreement of occupation home or social residence.

The signature of the lease or agreement must be justified by the period of alternating training.

Request Time

Your request must be sent before the start of your training or at the latest within 6 months of starting it.

If the training is multi-year, the start date can be the start date of one of them.

You must make your request for assistance no later than the day before your 30e anniversary.

Application Filing

You must make your application by means of an online service:

Request for assistance

The aid shall cover part of the rent or the royalty for residential or social housing. The amount of aid varies from €10 to €100 minimum per month.

The calculation is made on the rent after deduction of Personalised Housing Assistance (LPA) or social housing allowance (SLA) if you receive any of these subsidies.

Example :

For rent €350, if you receive the LPA, the aid will be €100.

The aid shall be granted for the entire period of vocational training for a maximum period of 1 year. At the end of the training, you can receive a new youth assistance if you continue to comply with the conditions of attribution.

Depending on your needs, the aid is paid every month, every 2 months or every semester.

In addition to the eintineer helper, you can benefit from the following:

Request for assistance

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