Housing aid: What is MOBILI-JEUNE aid?

Verified 28 February 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Are you under 30 years of age and on an apprenticeship or professionalization contract in a non-agricultural private sector company? Under certain conditions, you can benefit from the MOBILI-JEUNE aid. It allows you to support part of your rent (or royalty in particular for residential homes) during the duration of your work-linked training. We present you with the information you need to know.

The MOBILI-JEUNE assistance allows you to reduce the amount of your rent and to be able to take accommodation close to your place of work.

The aid is paid by an organization called Housing action. She's granted under certain conditions.

You must comply with conditions relating to your personal situation and your accommodation.

Conditions relating to personal circumstances

You must complete all of the following conditions :

  • Be under 30
  • Be employed by a non-agricultural private sector company
  • Be in apprenticeship contract or professionalisation contract
  • Do not have a current MOBILI-JEUNE folder or have a previous MOBILI-JEUNE folder completed
  • Have a gross monthly salary of less than or equal to €1,413.54

Housing-related conditions

To be eligible for support, you must change your principal residence to get closer to your job or to justify a double rent charge (occupy 2 dwellings in the same period).

The dwelling must be more than 70 km from your old address or a travel time greater than 40 minutes from your old address (calculated by car or public transport).

In addition, the effective date of the lease must be 3 months before or up to 3 months after the start date of your alternance or professionalization contract.

You can benefit from the MOBILI-JEUNE aid if you are:

  • For rent or flatshare in the private or social park (if you are in a flatshare, the MOBILI-JEUNE aid covers only the part of your rent and your expenses) or sub-lease (only in the social housing park)
  • In housing-home, social residence or boarding house

Your accommodation can be:

  • Whether or not approved by the PLA
  • Rented empty or furnished

Time of application

Your request should be addressed to:

  • No later than the day before your 30the birthday
  • And 3 months before the start date of your alternance or professionalization contract and up to 3 months after that date.

Filing of the application

Before you applyHowever, you must first check on the website of Action Logement that you meet the conditions for granting MOBILI-JEUNE aid:

Test your eligibility for MOBILI-JEUNE support

Then you have to create personal account on this site to apply online:

Request for help MOBILI-JEUNE

You must attach (scan) to your request a rent receipt or proof of payment of rent and your pay slips.


The MOBILI-JEUNE aid shall be granted up to the maximum amount of the budgetary envelope allocated to Action Logis. Once this envelope is exceeded, help is no longer available.

The amount of aid varies from €10 minimum per month at €100 maximum per month.

The amount of aid shall not exceed €1,100 per year of training out of 11 monthly payments.

The calculation is made on the rent after deduction of personalized housing assistance (CHA) if you get that help.

Example :

For a rent of €350 (including loads), if you touch €220 of APL, the aid paid will be €100.

For a rent of €350 (including loads), if you touch €280 of APL, the aid paid will be €70.

For a rent of €250 (including loads), if you touch €245 of APL, you will not be able to benefit from the aid because your chargeback is less than €10.

The aid may be applied for over a maximum of 2 years of training, consecutive or otherwise, i.e. 2 times 11 months.


The amount of aid shall not exceed €1,100 per year of training out of 11 monthly payments.

The payment of the aid is made by Housing Action by bank transfer directly to your bank identity statement (Rib), even if you are a minor.

The transfer cannot be made to a third party (e.g. your parents).

Any changes in your situation must be reported to Housing Action from your personal account.

Moreover, any change in situation must respect the eligibility criteria (income, housing situation...).


If you need to find accommodation because your employer with whom you are training is moving and you do not benefit from MOBILI-JEUNE assistance, you can apply for assistance within 3 months of the date of removal from your employer.

Yes, the MOBILI-JEUNE aid may be combined with Visal guarantee or Loca-Pass advance and theAPL.

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