What authorization to transform a garage into a living room?

Verified 15 June 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Want to transform your garage into a living room? You must submit to the City Hall a prior declaration of works.

We're presenting the regulations.

If you transform a garage of more than 5 m² of closed surface and covered in a living room, you must deposit a Advance Work Statement (AD).

The changing the appearance of the outside as the installation of a window, for example, is also subject to DP. Your entire project can be declared on the same form.

You can complete the RFP on the Internet or by using a form.

On the Internet

You should check with your city council or its website to find out if it has an online service to complete your application online.

Who shall I contact

Municipalities with more than 3,500 inhabitants have a specific online service for the seizure and deposit of city planning authorizations.

If your municipality has not set up an online service, you can use an Internet-based support service that guides you through each step of building your file. You can complete and print the DP file using this assistance even if your municipality is not connected to it. From the beginning of the seizure, you will be informed if your municipality is connected.

Support for your city planning authorization request

By transforming your garage, you remove a parking space. The MORE: titleContent of your municipality may contain rules concerning the creation of parking areas. In this case, you should plan to settle another place on your land. Inquire with the city planning department of your municipality.

Who shall I contact

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