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Online Address Change (Online Service)

Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (Dila) - Prime Minister

To register your new contact information, simultaneously with several government departments and certain private organizations:

  • Energy suppliers (EDF, Engie, ENERCOOP)
  • Pôle emploi
  • Social security: health insurance, family allowances and pension funds (Agirc-Arco: titleContent, Truck: titleContent, Carsat: titleContent, CGSS: titleContent, MSA: titleContent, Caf: titleContent, Cnav: titleContent, CNMSS: titleContent, CNRACL: titleContent, CPAM: titleContent, Crav: titleContent, Enim: titleContent, FSPOEIE: titleContent, Ircantec: titleContent, Mines: titleContent, RAFP: titleContent, SASPA: titleContent)
  • Tax Department
  • Services supporting greycards (SIV: titleContent)

You can also use this online service to report a change of email address, phone number (landline or mobile).

Remember to have your credentials for each of the organizations involved.


  • If you are going to settle abroad, this online service allows you to declare your departure to the health insurance fund (CPAM: titleContent) and in the tax department.
  • If you are an expatriate returning to settle in France, you cannot use this online service to declare your return to France.

This online service can be used regardless of your nationality.

It is only available in French.

It's a free service.

Go to the online procedure

Verified 02 September 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)