What is changing in April 2022

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Updated family benefits and allowances, conditions of entitlement to supplementary health insurance, extension of information due to tenants, prohibition of the import of meat from animals reared with antibiotics, restriction of telephone canvassing, termination of the wishes of Parcoursup, etc. Find a selection of the novelties planned in April 2022.

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The first round of presidential elections took place on April 10, and the second round is scheduled for April 24. You can view all practical information on our file Presidential election 2022.


You can consult the results of the first round of the 2022 presidential election on and the first round results map.


The 2021 online income tax return opens on April 7, 2022.

Social health

Family benefits, employment premium, RSA, activity premium, etc., are increased by 1.8%. The ceiling of resources for the right to supplementary health insurance shall be revised. The mechanism

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allows patients over 3 years of age to benefit from the reimbursement of 8 psychological counseling sessions per year.


The vows on Parcoursup end on April 8.


To contain fuel price inflation, a reduction of 15-18 cents per liter is applied. Winter tires, chains or socks in 48 mountain departments are no longer required.


The canvassing and sale of insurance contracts by telephone are more strictly regulated, the import of meat from animals raised with antibiotics is prohibited. The subsidy for broadband access in fiber-free areas is at least doubled.


To reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas production, heating public outdoor spaces is prohibited.


The first quarter of 2022 Rent Benchmark (IRL) was published on April 15. Real estate agencies must indicate precisely the reference rents in the rent control areas. The dispatch of energy checks is in progress, distributed by department over the whole month.

Public service

Compulsory prior mediation is widespread in the civil service and in Pôle emploi

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