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Toll prices: an average increase of 3% in 2024

Publié le 02 février 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Toll rates are reviewed annually at 1er February. The Department of Transport announced an average increase of less than 3% in 2024 in November 2023, after 4.75% in 2023 and 2% in 2022. Several orders issued in Official Journal of 31 January confirm an increase of around 3% on the main motorway networks.

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The increase in tolls comes within the framework of the planned annual revision of contracts between the State and concessionaires. It comes against a backdrop of inflation and investment by motorway businesses.

To calculate the price changes to be applied to the 1er in february, motorway concessionaires shall use the inflation rate recorded over the relevant reference period (for the 2024 fares: end 2022 to october 2023). The pass-through of inflation to price revaluation can be as high as 70%.

These developments are validated annually by the State.

It should be noted that in 2024, the 2015 tariff freeze imposed by the Crown no longer applies and ended in 2023.


the 2024 budget provides for a tax on “long-distance transport infrastructure” for motorway concessions and major airports.

The increase in fares differs from region to region, with each business applying its own increase.

The decrees fixing the tariffs applicable to the various motorway networks were published in the Official Journal of 31 January 2024. The rates are also available on the motorway businesses' websites.

The following increases (applicable to light vehicles of category A1) are noted:

  • A'lienor (A65): + 4,31 %;
  • APPR (A5, A6, A42, A71, A75): + 3,02 %;
  • AREA (A43, A48, A49): + 3,04 %;
  • BSO (A7, A10, A61, A62, A64, A89): + 2,70 %;
  • Cofiroute (A10, A11, A85): + 2,70 %;
  • Escota (A8, A50, A51): + 2,70 %;
  • Sanef (A1, A4, A16, A26): + 2,79 %;
  • SAPN (A13, A14, A29): + 3,08 %.


since 2023, if you have an “Electronic toll” badge and you are a motorist making regular trips, subscription packages allow you to benefit from discounts of up to 40% from 20 identical trips in the month.


the 5% reduction applied in 2023 for electric car owners on certain motorway networks to encourage “fleet decarbonization” ended on 31 december 2023