Certificate of insurance

The Green Card for motor insurance shall be abolished as from 1 April 2024

Publié le 13 mars 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

You no longer need to affix to the windshield of your vehicle, starting on 1er April 2024, the “green butterfly” proving that you have taken out an insurance contract. The arrangements for monitoring the obligation to insure evolve for all vehicles registered in France, following a decree published in the Official Journal 9 December 2023.

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From 1er In April, to verify that you have complied with your vehicle's insurance obligation, law enforcement will use the Insured Vehicles Index (AVF). This digital tool is powered by insurers who indicate any contract renewal or new commitment.

This provision concerns the various registered vehicles, in other words:

  • cars;
  • commercial vehicles (vans, vans, etc.);
  • motorcycles;
  • scooters;
  • etc.

Until then, in the case of checks, two documents allow you to prove your compliance with the insurance obligation:

  • the insurance certificate, also called “green card”, which you must have at your fingertips (in your vehicle, your wallet...);
  • the certificate of insurance, also known as the "green butterfly", to be affixed to your vehicle.

Instead of the Green Card and Green Butterfly, your insurer will now provide you with an “insured vehicle memo” when you purchase your insurance contract or when you change your vehicle. When you have been insured for less than 72 hours, your vehicle may not yet be included in the insured vehicle file. You can then, if you have a check, present the insured vehicle memo to the police.

This document may also be useful for you to have the information necessary to write an amicable report, or to have the contact details of your assistance in case of a breakdown. This year, insurers will, exceptionally, send all their policyholders an insured vehicle memo. Before receiving this document, keep the last green card you received; it remains valid until its expiry date.


unregistered motor vehicles are not covered by these new provisions. If you are driving an EDPM, such as an electric scooter, after 1er april 2024 you will still need to present an insurance certificate in case of a check and affix an insurance sticker in a visible way to your vehicle.

Please note

since march 12, you can check on the site of the register of insured vehicles that your vehicle is actually on it. To do this, you must specify:

  • the number of your vehicle registration plate;
  • and the vehicle identification number (found on the registration certificate).

If the vehicle is not entered in the file, you must contact your insurer.


every owner of a land motor vehicle (car, motorcycle, utility vehicle...) in circulation must insure it with at least the guarantee of civil liability. This warranty covers any damage that the vehicle may cause, for example:

  • injuries to a pedestrian or passenger;
  • damage to another vehicle or street furniture;
  • etc.