European elections 2024: everything you need to know!

Publié le 28 mai 2024 - Mise à jour le 05 juin 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The European elections will be held between 8 and 9 June 2024, depending on where you live. Voter registration, proxy voting, electoral map... Find all the practical information on the 2024 European elections.

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Dates of European elections

The decree summoning electors published in Official Journal of 16 March 2024 sets the dates for the European elections.

Registration on the electoral lists

To be able to vote in the European elections, one must be registered on the electoral roll. You had until 3 May 2024 to register on the lists of your municipality; in some cases, you can register after the deadline. Check your electoral situation by using the online service on

Proxy voting

You will be absent on June 8 or 9 and you have assigned a proxy to a voter? Have you received a power of attorney and will need to vote for someone else? What formalities are to be known at the time of the vote? returns to the rules of proxy.

This year, it is possible to make a 100% dematerialized proxy request. You need to have the new identity card and have a digital identity certified by France Identité.

Conduct of the elections

Address and opening hours of the polling stations, electoral map, becoming a volunteer assessor... The progress of the day of the vote.

Method of voting

The European elections shall be held by direct universal suffrage in one round. At the end of these elections, 81 MEPs will be elected.

Youth Voting

Are you just 18 or are you going to be 18 between May 4 and June 8? Voter registration is automatic for young people who have completed their citizen census at the age of 16. If you did not complete your census, you had to register to vote. explains.

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