Housing assistance

MOBILI-JEUNE: What are the conditions to benefit from it?

Publié le 07 juin 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Will you be alternating in an apprenticeship or professionalization contract next fall? You may be eligible for MOBILI-JEUNE housing assistance. Service-Public.fr provides you with the information you need to know.

YOUTH MOBILIZER is a housing aid intended for young people under 30 on an apprenticeship or professionalization contract. It allows you to pay part of your rent.

This aid shall be paid under certain conditions :

  • be under 30 years of age;
  • to be under contract learning or professionalization in a non-agricultural private sector company;
  • have a gross monthly salary of not more than € 1 413,54;
  • have changed your primary residence to bring you closer to your workplace;
  • to be rented or shared in the private or social park, in a residential home, in a social residence, in a boarding school or in a sublet in the social housing park.


your new home must be more than 70 km or more than 40 minutes from your old address (by car or public transport).

The lease date for your new home must be 3 months before or after the start date of your alternance contract.

The amount of aid varies from 10 € to 100 € per month. The amount is up to €1,100 per year of training out of 11 monthly payments.

Please note

you can only receive support for up to 2 years of training.

MOBILI-JEUNE can be combined with other housing subsidies, such as personalized housing assistance (CHA) or the Visale guarantee.

You can submit your application online, after tested your eligibility for help YOUTH MOBILIZER.