Carte grise Holder and co-holders of the registration certificate (ex-

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A vehicle is registered by one or more owners of a vehicle. The owner and co-owners are then called holders and joint holders. They're not necessarily related. We answer your questions.

Carte grise Yes, the certificate of registration, may be drawn up on behalf of several persons, natural or legal.

Carte grise The primary holder of the holder of the license authorizing him to drive the vehicle to be registered. If this is not the case, the license holder must be designated as the primary holder.

The number of co-owners appears on the map in section C.4.1.


Carte grise Indications such as Mr., Miss, Mrs., Mr. and Mrs., Mr. or Mrs. can no longer appear on the

The surnames and forenames of each joint proprietor shall be entered in the vehicle registration system (VRS)carte grise , but do not appear on the

Carte grise Only the following information is included in the

  • Name and surname of the principal holder (section C.1)
  • Number of co-owners, followed by the name of 1er co-holder (section C.4.1)

No, co-owners are not required to have the same address.

Carte grise The following shall only indicate the address of the principal holder.

Carte grise Yes, the primary holder of the vehicle must hold the license to drive the vehicle to be registered.

If the owner of the vehicle does not have a license corresponding to the category of vehicle, he must designate a principal holder of that license. The owner of the vehicle will then be registered as a co-owner.

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