What is the SIV (Vehicle Registration System) number?

Verified 11 October 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Each vehicle registered since April 2009 has its own SIV number (in the form AB-123-CD). Vehicles registered before this date get this number when a change of situation occurs (moving, sale...)

The vehicle retains this number until it is destroyed, even if it changes ownership. Carte grise It is indicated on your registration plate.

The SIV is the registration system for vehicles on French territory.

Please note

Only vehicles put into circulation before 2009 and which have not changed hands since that date are still referenced in the old so-called file END (National Register). When sold, they switch to the SIV format.

General case

The SIV number shall consist of alphanumeric characters on the model AB-123-CD:


Mopeds registered before 1 July 2015

In the case of a moped registered before 1er July 2015, the issue retains its special format. It consists of 1 to 2 letters, followed by 2 to 3 digits, followed by 1 letter, with a space between the blocks of letters and the block of digits.

Example :

A 11 A

Mopeds registered from 1 July 2015

In the case of a moped newly registered from 1er July 2015, it gets the same format as other SIV vehicles. It consists of 2 letters, followed by 3 numbers, followed by 2 letters, the blocks of numbers and letters being separated by dashes.

Example :


Please note

Some letters are not used to avoid confusion with numbers, namely O and U.

The SIV number shall be assigned chronologically:

  • on 1re registration of a new vehicle
  • carte grise or if it is necessary to repeat the test of a vehicle which had an old registration (type 123 AB 01, dit END). Carte grise For example, if you are selling your vehicle or moving or if you have lost your vehicle.


The conversion of an old registration (type 123 AB 01, FNI) into a SIV number does not affect the validity of the roadworthiness test. The report of the roadworthiness test shall be authentic.

If you have an old number said END (type 123 AB 01), you can obtain a SIV number only in the following situations:

If you are not in one of these situations and want to obtain a SIV number, you must contact a qualified professional (he can charge you for the service).

A vehicle registered in the SIV has only one lifetime number.

If you move, you must make the necessary change of residence. If you already have a SIV number, you do not have to modify the plates.

If your vehicle has an old registration (type 123 AB 01) and you change your address, you will get a registration number SIV (model AB-123-CD). You'll have to get your plates changed.

Please note

It is however possible to change the SIV registration in case of usurpation of your plates (also called doublet).