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Withdrawal of points, fine: what punishment for a bicycle violation?

Verified 29 janvier 2021 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

To ride a bike, you have to comply with traffic rules : traffic, parking, equipment.

If you commit offence, you risk fine.

However, you won't risk removing points on your driver's licence.

However, in the case of a serious infringement, the judge may suspend your driving licence.

For example, when driving while intoxicated or endangering the life of another person.

Amount of fine by class of contravention


Examples of infringement

Penalty reduced

Flat fine

Increased flat fine

Maximum fine

1mother class

(excluding paid parking)





21 class

Drive by night bicycle without high visibility vest, drive more than 2 front on the road





11 class

Circulate with a non-compliant braking device.





41 class

Roll by phone, deny priority, cross a white line





5th Class




€1,500 or €3,000 in case of recurrence

  Reminder : fine to be paid is usually a flat fine. Amount is reduced in case of prompt payment and increased in case of late payment. The maximum fine depends on the judge if there is a trial.