What precautions should be taken before purchasing isolated building land?

Verified 18 August 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

You are interested in buying a detached building land (located outside the subdivision).

What do you need to check? Where can I get information? We present the steps you can take to ensure that your construction project is feasible on this land.

You must ensure that the isolated plot listed, is city planning-ready of the commune.

You can consult the MORE: titleContent. He gives you the following details:

  • Construction Rules
  • Delimitation of areas at natural or technological risk
  • Easements (mines, pipelines, protection of water abstractions, natural, cultural and sports heritage to be protected...)
  • Future local development projects

The  MORE: titleContent, the document in lieu, the municipal map or the national city planning regulations in the municipalities not covered by a PLU are available from the city planning department of your municipality. In principle, you can also consult these documents on your municipality's website.

To find out if your project is feasible on the ground, you can request a city planning certificate operational. It will inform you about the applicable taxes and city planning interests on the land and the condition of the public facilities or planned.

City planning certificate You must make the request of

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City planning certificate The processor tells you if the land is serviced, i.e. connected to various roads and networks (sanitization, drinking water, electricity, gas, telephone...).

If this is not the case and if connection to the networks is possible, the costs will be borne by you.


If you sign a promise of sale, you can plan in a suspension clause city planning certificate that the definitive act of sale will be signed on condition that a positive operational result is obtained. If your project is finalized, you can directly provide for a condition suspending the building permit.

The basement of the building site must be able to support the weight of the future construction.

You can find out about natural hazards (floods, underground cavities, clay...) by visiting the following site:

Search for natural and technological risks on Georisques


At the signature of the promise of sale or if there is no promise, at the signature of theThe authentic instrument of sale, the seller must give you 3 diagnoses depending on the situation on the ground. They concern risks and pollution, clay soils and air noise pollution.

The bounding is not required for the sale of isolated land. However, you can ask the seller if there is one because it allows you to know the exact area and boundaries of the land.

If the land is landlocked, you must get a right of way of one of your neighbors before applying for a building permit in town hall.

If you have a specific architectural project, you can get the help of a architect from the stage of choosing your land.

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