Weapons holders: access to the weapons information system (AIS)

Published on 8 December 2022

The Weapons Information System (AIS) shall be open to the following major private weapons holders:

  • Person with a hunting license
  • A person who wishes to keep a found or inherited Category C weapon and who has no valid sports license or collector's card.

The AIS allows you to do your homework and access your digital rack.

This page will be updated as the AIS is opened to other specific weapons owners.

The weapons are classified in 4 categories according to their dangerousness: handgun (revolver, pistol) for sport shooting, long gun (rifle, rifle) for hunting... The rules for purchasing, carrying, transporting and holding a firearm vary according to category A, B, C or D. Category A is prohibited unless otherwise specified. Category B is subject to authorization. Category C is subject to reporting. Category D can be bought and held freely.