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Can the City Council refuse a marriage file?

Verified 06 June 2019 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

No, she doesn't have the power. Once the marriage file presented to him is complete, the town hall must accept it and proceed to its registration.

If there are serious indications that the marriage might be annulled by the courts, the mayor must ask for one without delay prohibition on public prosecutor..

He must notify the persons who have filed the marriage file of his action in writing.

If a mayor refuses a marriage file without immediately notifying the public prosecutor, future spouses must notify both the prefect and the public prosecutor.

Who shall I contact

The public prosecutor then decides, within 15 days of referral, whether the marriage will be celebrated or not. If he decides to postpone the celebration, while waiting for the results of the investigation he has to carry out, the period of reprieve is 2 months maximum (1 month renewable 1 times). Upon the expiry of the stay, the public prosecutor shall inform the registrar, by a reasoned decision, whether he allows the marriage to proceed or opposes its celebration.

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If the prosecutor allows the marriage

The mayor is obliged to celebrate it.

If the prosecutor forbids marriage

If it prohibits marriage, persons wishing to marry may challenge the decision before the court, which shall act within 10 days.